Enrico Marini

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Enrico Marini was the commander of the STARS Bravo Team. He was a very reliable law officer who looked out for his subordinates, particularly rookie Rebecca Chambers. Enrico long suspected that someone in STARS was a traitor, and his fears were confirmed when Bravo Team's helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in the forests of the Arklay Mountains due to sabotage while out on a mission. When they were attacked by zombie dogs and Kevin Dooley and Ed Dewey killed, Enrico fled into the relative safety of the nearby Spencer Mansion with Kenneth Sullivan, Richard Aiken and Forest Speyer.

It is not known exactly how, but at some point within the mansion Enrico was separated from his surviving teammates and severely wounded after discovering that the traitor to STARS was the commander of Alpha Team, Albert Wesker. He was found by Alpha Team members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine hiding in the tunnels that connected the Spencer Mansion to its underground laboratories. Before he could reveal who the traitor was however, he was shot and killed from the shadows by Wesker.

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