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Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine was a female video game character who features in Resident Evil.



Jill Valentine was a member of the STARS Alpha Team. She was quite a skilled lockpicker, known to her teammates as the Master of Unlocking. When the Alphas went into the Arklay Mountains in July of 1998 to locate their missing comrades on Bravo Team, they were attacked by a pack of zombie dogs and Jill fled to the isolated Spencer Estate along with Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker. When Chris vanished, she and Barry went looking for him and found a zombie munching on the corpse of Bravo Team's Kenneth J. Sullivan. Further horrors awaited them, as Wesker disappeared and they came upon more and more dead or dying teammates.

It was discovered by Jill that the estate was owned by Umbrella, Inc., who had been doing T-Virus research there before a lab accident allowed the virus to escape. She also discovered that Wesker was a traitor to STARS working for Umbrella, and had imprisoned the missing Chris. Jill fought for her life against such monsters as Plant 42, a school of Neptunes, several Hunters, and finally Umbrella's ultimate bio-organic weapon (at the time, anyway), the Tyrant. After defeating each of these beasts with the help of Barry, Jill freed Chris and they fled the mansion before it was destroyed in an explosion.

Over the next few months, Jill and her fellow STARS survivors tried without success to convince Chief Brian Irons of what they had seen (little knowing that Irons was secretly working for Umbrella). Eventually, Jill decided that she had had enough of STARS and quit the Alpha Team. Unfortunately for her this mattered little to Umbrella, who sent Nemesis to hunt her down and kill her in September, during the time when the T-Virus was ravaging Raccoon City. She was warned about Nemesis by Brad Vickers, before he fell victim to the monster.

After escaping from Nemesis, Jill joined up with UBCS members Carlos Oliveria, Nicholai Ginovaef, and Mikhail Victor. Their efforts to make it to the UBCS's designated extraction zone at the St. Michael Clocktower were hampered first by treachery on Nicholai's part and then by Nemesis, who shot down the rescue helicopter with his rocket launcher and wounded Jill, infecting her with the T-Virus. She was saved by Carlos however, who went to the nearby Raccoon Hospital and retrieved a sample of a T-Virus vaccine.

Jill and Carlos had further encounters with Nemesis and Nicholai, as well as new monsters like the Hunters Gamma and Beta, the Grave Digger, and the Drain Deimos and Brainsuckers, before Jill finally succeeded in killing Nemesis once and for all, and she and Carlos escaped Raccoon City with the help of Barry Burton before it was destroyed by the U.S. Army with a nuclear missile.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Jill Valentine was created by Shinji Mikami and Isao Ohishi where she featured in the setting of the Resident Evil universe.
  • Nicole Tompkins provided the voice and motion capture performance for Jill Valentine in the 2020 Resident Evil 3 remake.

In other media


  • In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Jill Valentine appeared in the setting of the live-action film continuity where she was portrayed by actor Sienna Guillory. She was a member of STARS who had encountered monsters in the woods outside of Raccoon City while there on a mission (the exact details of this are unknown). She tried and failed to convince her superior, Ryan Henderson, of what she had seen, and was labeled a lunatic and fired. When the T-Virus escaped from the Hive and began to infect Raccoon City, Jill figured it was time to pack up and leave. Unfortunately, she chose to leave town one day too late. The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force, under the direction of Major Cain, quarrantined the town by erecting a massive wall around it. Jill, joined by fellow STARS member Peyton Wells and reporter Terri Morales, sought safety in the Raven's Gate Church, where they encountered Mackenzie (Angus McKenzie). After some business involving a priest and his zombified sister, they were attacked by a trio of Lickers, but saved by the timely arrival of Alice. When Jill discovered that Peyton had been bitten by a zombie and infected with the T-Virus, she could not bring herself to kill him despite Alice's warnings. A short time later, she and the others were contacted by Dr. Charles Ashford, who offered to help them escape the city in exchange for finding his missing daughter Angela. They accepted his offer, but en route to Angela's school they were accosted by Nemesis, who had been programmed by Major Cain to hunt and kill STARS members. Nemesis killed Peyton and briefly came after Jill too, until Cain ordered the monster to instead go after Alice (as part of the Nemesis Program). Along with Terri and newfound friend L.J., Jill made it to the school and found Angela. They were attacked by mutant dogs, but saved thanks to the intervention of Nicholai Ginovaef (Nicholai Sokolov; who gave his life) and Alice. Joined by Carlos Olivera, they followed Dr. Ashford's instructions and made their way to City Hall to steal a guarded Umbrella helicopter. There, it was revealed that Major Cain had found out about Ashford's machinations and lay in waiting with a dozen UBCS members and Nemesis. While Nemesis fought Alice and eventually befriended her (after remembering his former identity of Matthew Addison), Jill helped Carlos deal with the UBCS, and following Cain's demise they all piled into the 'copter and flew away from Raccoon City just as it was hit with a nuclear missile. Although the 'copter crashed, Jill, Carlos, Angela, L.J., and the pilot survived and escaped, leaving Alice behind because they thought she was dead. However, sometime later they learned that Alice was in fact still alive, and along with Carlos and L.J., Jill, disguised as a UBCS member, helped rescue Alice from one of Umbrella's laboratories.

Video games


  • In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy, Jill Valentine appeared in the setting of the 1998 novelisation of the first Resident Evil game that was written by S.D. Perry. Jill was said to be the daughter of a famous criminal, Dick Valentine and was a master thief herself before she joined STARS, hence her skills at lockpicking.


  • In Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine v1 #3, Jill Valentine appeared in the setting of the comic story "Wolf Hunt". She was shown to had never quit STARS, and she never encountered Nemesis or any of the UBCS. Also, prior to July of 1998, she encountered a werewolf while undercover at Raccoon City College.


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