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Eris Morn is a female video game character who features in Destiny.



Eris Morn was a female human whose origins were not truly known even to herself. According to fractured accounts, she was born Erisia Pyatova-Hsien where she lived in St. Petersburg, Russia in the 22nd century during the Golden Age. Erisia came to be a skilled swimmer and enjoyed swimming in the Neva River during her youth as well as into her adulthood. In her late thirties, she came to die during an ill-advised and unassisted winter swim across the Neva.

It was known that she participated in the Great Ahamkara Hunt and fought an army of Ahamkara on Venus alongside Ikora Rey. It was when she was standing amongst the bones of the slain wish-dragons that she claimed to had heard voices about her life before becoming a Guardian. Both she and Ikora hen summoned a storm of Light that vaporised the bones she could still hear the voices. In secret, she managed to keep one of the Ahamkara bones which she used as a talisman after the hunt ha ended.


Personality and attributes

Among the names she was known by included Crota's Bane and as the Bane of the Swarm.

A hardened and scarred survivor, Eris was noted for being secretive, vengeful, quiet and heavily somber as a result of her experiences against Crota.

Powers and abilities

Originally, she was a human but was killed and later resurrected by a Ghost as one of the Guardians where she could manipulate Light.


  • Eris Morn was voiced by actor Morla Gorrondona and featured in the setting of Destiny.


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