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Ermes Costello is a female character who features in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.



Ermes Costello (エルメェス・コステロ Erumēsu Kosutero)

She first met Jolyne Cujoh when they were held in momentary captivity next to each other. Annoyed by the constant banging of Jolyne's head, -due to her humuliation earlier that day- she yelled at her to pipe down. She was amazed to hear Jolyne confess her innocence to her crime and admired her honesty. On their way to J.G. Prison, Hermes warned Jolyne to get her hands on cash as bribery was the quickest way to escape "prison life". In return, Jolyne saved Hermes from a brutal beating using her newly awakened Stand. Although not cell mates, the two have remained somewhat close to each other ever since.

When she was 17, her older sister allowed herself to be spotted by a homicidal car salesmen named Sports Max, subsquentially saving her sister from his wrath but ending her life in the process. Enraged, she purposesly had herself thrown in jail, intending to track Sports Max down. She remained in intensive medical care after her battle with Sports Max and doesn't appear again until Jolyne escapes from prison. She was one of the final members in the last battle against Pucci.


Personality and attributes

Hermes is very prideful and loyal, preferring to act and think later.

She has a good sense of justice but punishes violently for any cross that comes her way.

Powers and abilities

Kiss (キッス kissu) A humanoid like Stand covered in stickers depicting a women's lips. Releases stickers (seals in Japanese) that will duplicate an item perfectly for as long as the sticker is on it. When the sticker falls off, the original item and the duplicate will smash together and violently combust. Objects that are able to duplicate also include body parts and people. Hermes receives this stand after Guess gives her Jolyne's amulet that she had picked up. She discovers it during her first medical care visit in prison.


  • Ermes Costello was created by Hirohiko Araki where he featured in the setting of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

In other media

Video games


  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: "Stone Ocean"

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