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Ernst Stavro Blofeld was the chief of SPECTRE and arch-enemy of James Bond, Ernst Stavro Blofeld initially existed as a faceless entity to whom the SPECTRE agents reported. It wasn't until Bond's fourth run-in with the evil organization that he met Blofeld, and the villain's face was finally revealed. He killed Bond's wife, Tracy, during their second confrontation, and subsequently altered his appearance with plastic surgery and even used doubles. Although Bond thought he killed Blofeld during their third encounter, the villain survived, but was confined to a wheelchair. Using a remote control he tried to hijack the helicopter carrying Bond, but Bond regained control of the chopper and use the runner to pick Blofeld up by his wheelchair and drop the SPECTRE mastermind down a disused factory smokestack, disposing of the villain once and for all.

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Blofeld was the inspiration for Doctor Evil, the chief villain in the Austin Powers films, as well as Doctor Nogood, the chief of FOWL.

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