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Ethan Edwards is an extraterrestrial male character who features in Marvel Comics.



Ethan Edwards was a male member of the Skrull race with his father being the chief scientist on their home planet. It was noted that his father was the person responsible for giving superhuman abilities to the Super-Skrull. Sometime afterwards, their homeworld was threatened by the World Devourer Galactus who had come to consume it. The Skrulls were unable to defeat the powerful cosmic being but 'Ethans' father concocted a plan whereby he gifted even greater abilities to his infant son than those that were given to the Super-Skrull. He then placed his child in a pod that was launched towards Earth where he was tasked with adopting a human shape until he reached adulthood. At that point, he was expected to remain in hiding until he reached maturity after which he was intended to conquer the primitive world on behalf of the Skrull empire. (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man v1 #16) The pod landed in Iowa on Earth where it was encountered a couple and their daughter when they were returning to their home from church in their car. Upon investigating the craft, the pod scanned them and the child inside appeared as a human infant who came to be adopted by the family. (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man v1 #15)

In the aftermath of the Skrull Secret Invasion, Edwards came to be resentful of the Avengers for wiping out the remains of his people and thus vowed revenge against them. He came to be recruited into Wonder Man's team of Revengers that consisted largely of anti-heroes who sought to shut down the Avengers and forcibly disband them. This saw them striking at Avengers Mansion and Avengers Tower but in the latter case their team was confronted by the Avengers, New Avengers and the Secret Avengers thus leading to their defeat. Virtue was arrested alongside his compatriots where he expressed his reasons for attacking the heroes during the interrogation. (Avengers Annual v4 #1)


Personality and attributes=

He came to adopt the superhero identity of Virtue. (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man v1 #16)

Powers and abilities

As a Skrull, Ethan had the normal shapeshifting abilities of his race allowing him to take on other forms and appearances. It was noted that his father had improved on the process in creating the Super-Skrull and used the procedure on his child. This was with the intention of creating a superior kind of warrior who was gifted with powerful superhuman abilities. He was shown to have superstrength with him being in the same class range as the Thing, he possessed super-vision allowing him to see even invisible individuals such as the Invisible Woman and had speed along with manoeuvrability that matched the Human Torch. Edwards also had other more unique traits such as being able to project energy blasts from his hands and could also heal others through touch. (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man v1 #16)


  • Ethan Edwards was created by Reginald Hudlin and Billy Tan where he made his first appearance in Marvel Knights Spider-Man v1 #13 (June, 2005).


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