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The Cotati are an alien species that features in Marvel Comics.



The Cotati were an intelligent sapient plant based species native to the planet Hala. They were one of two species that developed on that world with the other being the humanoid Kree. Their evolutionary origins lay with algae with them developing into a more complex form that were at a near parity with the Kree. The meat eating Kree considered all plants beneath their notice whilst the Cotati felt the humanoids frantic and unstable barbarians. Both races were technologically primitive and lived on their world in isolation but during the Kree Zero Year they were discovered by another alien race. Their world was visited by the Skrulls who during the reign of Emperor Dorrek were a peaceful race that found no one else advanced as them. Thus, they came to Hala looking to elevate a species with their technology but had found both the Cotati and the Kree. Representatives were to be taken from both races that were to put through a trial to determine which would be worthy of the Skrulls gifts. The Cotati accepted as though they sensed arrogance in the Skrulls they sensed no deceit and wished to elevate themselves. A group of Kree similarly accepted for their own motivations and were taken to an uninhabited planetoid for the trial with this being Earth's Moon where they were left for a year to create a great act. Both were building in the Blue Area of the Moon where the Cotati created a garden filled with plants whilst the Kree constructed a great city. The returning Skrulls were impressed at the blue city but judged the creation of a garden on the lifeless planetoid to be a greater feat with the Cotati chosen as the victors. The Kree, however, did not accept defeat and during night time they attacked the Cotati where they killed the plant based beings. With their opposition killed, the Kree then proceeded to attack the pacifistic Skrulls who were murdered with their technology pilfered whilst the blue skinned returned to their home world. (Avengers v1 #133) Upon their return, they struck out against the remaining Cotati and it was believed that their race was destroyed. Though their ancestors were killed, in their dying moments they sprouted seedlings that landed in the soil and creating a new generation of their kind. As the Kree studied the Skrullian spacecraft, the seedlings continued to mature until they could move under their own power whereupon they began to conceal their existence. Afterwards, they focused their evolution from movement to their mind where they began to root themselves to the ground. In the following years, the Cotati began to encounter more pacifistic Kree that shared in the plant-races views and formed an alliance with them becoming the Priests of Pama. (Avengers v1 #134)


In appearance, Cotati were humanoid in shape but had green skin and were based on plant matter. As true plants, they required only sunlight, water and contact with the soil for nourishment. They had developed two traits that made them different from other plant species such as those on Earth. The first was that their branches had become elementary limbs allowing them to travel but it was at a slow pace. The second trait that they had was the development of intelligent individual minds that were able to communicate telepathically. Their mental powers allowed them to seek out ancient seeds and water. (Avengers v1 #133) Following their near extinction, they came to conclude that movement was not in their species best interests and instead devoted their evolution to their minds. Thus, following the centuries, a number of Cotati had lost the power of mobility and became rooted to the ground. (Avengers v1 #134)


  • Trrunk : a Cotati on Kree-Pama that was selected by the White Event to be the worlds Justice. (Starbrand and Nightmask v1 #4)


  • The Cotati were created by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema where they made their first appearance in Avengers v1 #133 (May, 1975).


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