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The Evil Cabinet was Dr. Evil's inner circle of his most trusted and valued thugs, goons, and hitmen.

In 1997, the Evil Cabinet consisted of Number 2 and Frau Farbissina still, and, briefly, Mustafa, with newcomers Random Task and Patty O'Brien added to the gang. By 1999, the Evil Cabinet as it originally was no longer existed. Mustafa, Patty O'Brien, and Random Task had all either been killed or defeated by Austin Powers in 1997, and by then, the only new addition was Unibrau, and she apparently disappeared by the next time the Evil Cabinet met, during which it consisted of just Number 2 and Frau.

The reasons for the Evil Cabinet's members dwindling in number until it was just Number 2 and Frau, or rather, why Dr. Evil never hired any more henchmen to replace all the ones that died, were never learned.


It should also be noted that at one point in 1997, Dr. Evil had a number of men in suits seated at his conferance table in addition to Number 2 and Frau, but their names are never given and it is unknown if they were actually a part of the Evil Cabinet.

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