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Foreigner is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Years ago, he was hired by Justin Hammer to steal solar-conversion technology for him with the Foreigner tasked with killing Anthony Stark. Though he succeeded in his goal, Hammer refused to pay for failing to kill Stark and as a result the Foreigner decided to keep the stolen technology for himself as payment thus beginning an enmity between the two. (The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual v1 #14)

At some point, he met a woman called Mia where he took her in and trained her as an assassin as part of the 1400 Club where he intended for her to be his second-in-command. (The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual v1 #14)

Justin Hammer later usurped control of the 1400 Club taking control of its networks, satellites and its operatives. (The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual v1 #14) After being ousted from the organization, the Foreigner was forced to go on the run as his former operatives were being dispatched to eliminate him. (The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #209)

After destroying his assassin guild, he decided to remove his weaknesses and build a new organization which would be one where he had a personal hand in all assignments. (The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual v1 #14)

The Foreigner later received a distress signal from a tracking device he kept on his ex-wife Silver Sable and went to investigate. He found Sable badly burnt and wounded where he quickly moved to take care of her as he had feelings for her. Her injuries prevented from being active and in an effort to maintain her powerbase he used a Life Model Decoy that she could remotely pilot so that she could still appear to operate without any issues. However, her injuries were not healing and Sable risked death with the Foreigner dedicating his resources to finding a cure for her. (Amazing Spider-Man v5 #33) Mystique took the identity of the Foreigner who had given contracts out to Sabretooth though Creed did not accept them until he began to work with Team Weapon X. (Weapon X v3 #21) Agents from the 1400 Club under the direction of the Foreigner were said to had been hired to murder General Ross and frame Steve Rogers for the death. This led to the Daughters of Liberty targeting their operations in order for the Dryad to injure numerous of their operatives to send a message to the Foreigner. (Captain America v9 #9) Dryad confronted the Foreigner who battled the mysterious hero with their fight being interrupted by Sin and Crossbones. The two villains were paid to eliminate the Foreigner with Brock firing a rocket that seemingly killed the target. (Captain America v9 #11) In reality, he had survived and made contact with the Chameleon who was selling the secrets of the defunct S.H.I.E.L.D. organisation. Among these was the Infinity Formula that the Foreigner wanted to use to help heal his love Silver Sable. The sale was interrupted by Spider-Man and Special Agent Teresa Parker with Sable revealing the truth about her condition to the Wall-Crawler. (Amazing Spider-Man v5 #33)


Personality and attributes

He dedicated his entire life to being the ultimate assassin which he believed was through learning from his mistakes. (The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual v1 #14)

It was said that no secrets could be kept from the Foreigner. (The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #210)

The Foreigner believed that the first rule in life was never to trust anyone. (The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual v1 #14)

He was known to had come to respect Spider-Man as an adversary. (The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #209)

Powers and abilities

He demanded that his super-agents be willing to sacrifice themselves if they verge on being caught so that no evidence was to remain behind of their existence. (The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #209)

The Foreigner came to head an international assassins guild known as the 1400 Club. (The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual v1 #14) It was a secret organization was suspected to had ties with terrorists with them offering all kinds of extracurricular activities to employees including weapons training, explosives, hand-to-hand combat and similar such training. In time, it moved to the super-powered assassin market with the creation of the Death Squad that were an elite suicide squad equipped with the cutting edge state of the art equipment as marked supervillains. Each were special costumes with the people inside having brain implants which fed the data back to the main laboratory that passed their experiences into new volunteers. (Web of Spider-Man v1 #92) According to the Foreigner, he had rules and scruples in his line of work which he expected from his operatives. (The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #209) The Foreigner was said to only get the best equipment for his organization. (Web of Spider-Man v1 #92) He stated that he would rather see his organization of assassins destroyed rather than have it being perverted by others. (The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #210)


  • The Foreigner was created by Peter David and Mark Beachum where he made his first appearance in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #115 (June, 1986).
  • In an interview in Comics Buyer’s Guide #1169 (April 12, 1996), writer Peter David commented, "The Foreigner was a master assassin character whom I’d created to be a nemesis for Spider-Man. Bore a strong resemblance (when he was drawn correctly) to Patrick McGoohan."


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