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Forerunner in Countdown v1 #46.

Forerunner is a female extraterrestrial comic character that features in DC Comics.



Viza'Aziv in Countdown to Adventure v1 #7.


Her kind were considered tools by the Monitors who made the breeding failsafe as an insurance policy to prevent the Forerunners from ever turning against their masters. (Countdown v1 #45)

After the death of Duela Dent, Jason Todd came to believe that he and others like him were being targeted by the Monitors with him informing Donna Troy on New Earth. This led to the Monitors deciding to dispatch the Forerunner to eliminate these anomalies before they threatened the Multiverse itself. Forerunner managed to ambush the two heroes and nearly killed them until one of the Monitors stopped her and departed with the two humans. The failure in achieving her mission and revelation of her masters not trusting her broke her spirit leading to Forerunner going into self-imposed exile. (Countdown v1 #45) Whilst wandering this Earth, she was approached by the Monarch who recruited her to his cause by trying to convince her to turn against the Monitors. (Countdown v1 #44) She was then transported into the Bleed where Monarch was gathering his armies and requested that Viza train his forces. He also revealed to her that the Monitors had sent one of their agents that was responsible for eliminating her people with Viza vowing the avenge the Forerunner race. (Countdown v1 #43)


Personality and attributes

As a warrior, she followed the concepts of honor and respected fighting worthy opponents. Viza believed weaker species chose ranged weapons with a killing distance and she found no honor in that kind of fighting. Instead, she believed warriors had to get in close and try to take the life of their foe. (Countdown v1 #45)

As part of the terms with the Monitors, a pact was maintained whereby the Forerunners serve their masters in gratitude for their protection from the Nine Houses. (Countdown v1 #44) Originally, she followed the commands of the Monitors even if she disagreed with them. Such was her commitment to her masters that she felt dishonour at not being able to achieve her mission and went into self-imposed exile. (Countdown v1 #45) After the Monitors exterminated her people, she vowed revenge against them and vowed not to stop until all her former masters had been slain. (Countdown v1 #43)

Powers and abilities

As a Forerunner, she was bred with superhuman abilities far greater than an ordinary person. This gave her superstrength, speed, endurance, agility with other such traits being enhanced in her. (Countdown v1 #45) She was shown to be capable of superspeed allowing her to ambush her foes before they could react. (Countdown v1 #46) Her strength was enough to overpower an Amazon warrior and she was able to survive the counterattack with ease. (Countdown v1 #45)

She possessed fierce claws that she used to leave deep wounds in her opponent. Viza could fire sharp flechettes that emerged from her body as projectiles. (Countdown v1 #45)

Her people had a nerve cord that resembled hair that linked her to her people and severing it was an act of cutting her ties to her kin. The Monitors engineered a breeding failsafe among her people to prevent them from ever harming their creators. This was because they did not trust the Forerunners and felt that they could turn against their masters. (Countdown v1 #45)


  • Forerunner was created by Paul Dini, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Jesus Saiz where she made her first appearance in Countdown v1 #46 (August, 2007).


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