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Lucius Fox is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.




Lucius Fox was the son of Jasper Fox who was the President of Gotham's Historical Council for three decades. Unknown to anyone else, his father was part of a clandestine organisation of architects known as the Jade Compass Society who were a brotherhood accustomed to keeping secrets. Jasper had fought city hall a number of times in order to deem numerous buildings as historical landmarks but alter died in an automobile accident before most of the petitions saw a court date. (Batman v1 #706)

During World War II, he participated in the conflict where in 1943 he served as an officer for the American Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) where he had worked alongside the French Resistance. (Detective Comics v1 #501)

At some point, he had a daughter who was named Tiffany Fox. (Batman v1 #308)

He operated as Bruce Wayne's business manager.

His daughter Tiffany later joined Wayne Enterprise's ghetto drug-rehabilitation program. (Batman v1 #308)

Fox was responsible for hiring Sasha Bordeaux to serve as a bodyguard to Bruce Wayne. (Detective Comics v1 #751)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events.

By adulthood, he had married Tanya Fox with the pair having three children named Luke Fox, Tamara Fox and their youngest daughter was Tiffany Fox. (Batwing v1 #21)


Personality and attributes

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  • Lucius Fox was created by Len Wein and John Calnan where he made his first appearance in Batman v1 #307 (January, 1979).

Alternate Versions

  • In JLA: Secret Society of Super-Heroes v1 (2000), an alternate Elseworlds version of Earth was shown that was ruled by the secretive Kryptic Order who dispensed judgements to anyone that challenged or threatened them. On this Earth, Lucius Fox was a clerk who had risen to become Mayor of Gotham City.
  • In JLA v1 #108 (2005), a version of Lucius Fox was shown to inhabit the Anti-Matter version of Earth that was ruled by the Crime Syndicate. On this Earth, he was shown as being the leader of a white gang boss who had the backing of the Syndicate to spread fear to Gotham City and served as a snitch for Owlman.

In other media


  • In the DC Animated Universe, Lucius Fox made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Batman: The Animated Series, Lucius Fox made his first appearance in the animated series where he was voiced by actor Brock Peters.
    • In The New Batman Adventures, Lucius Fox returned in the animated series where he was voiced by actor Mel Winkler.
    • In Batman Beyond, Lucius Fox was only referenced in the animated series episode "Black Out" where it was said that he had a son named Lucius Fox, Jr. who headed the tech company Foxtech.
  • In Gotham, a younger version of the character first appeared in the episode "The Anvil or the Hammer" where he was portrayed by actor Chris Chalk.


  • In The Dark Knight Trilogy, Lucius Fox made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Batman Begins, Lucius Fox appeared in the live-action movie where he was portrayed by actor Morgan Freeman. He was a research head and a friend of Thomas Wayne though after his death he was demoted by new Wayne Enterprises CEO William Earle who put him in charge of the company's Applied Sciences Division. This involved him overseeing the supplies of the business's aborted research projects and prototypes. After Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham, he intended to become involved in his family's business once more where he struck a friendship with Lucius Fox. Through Fox, he managed to acquire numerous equipment for him to operate as Batman though he never outright told Lucius about his vigilant activities. As such, the division head operated as a form of armorer for the Batman where he proved invaluable even after being fired by Earle. He was shown to had suspicions about Wayne being the Batman that were outright confirmed when Alfred Pennyworth called on his aid to help rescue Bruce after he was affected by Scarecrow's fear toxin. In the end, Bruce managed to gain the majority control over Wayne Enterprise's shares whereupon he fired Earle and made Lucius Fox the company's new CEO.
    • In The Dark Knight, Lucius Fox returned in the live-action movie where he was portrayed again by actor Morgan Freeman.
    • In The Dark Knight Rises, Lucius Fox once more appeared in the live-action movie with actor Morgan Freeman reprising the role.

Video games

  • In Batman: The Telltale Series, Lucius Fox was introduced in Episode 3 of the video game where he was voiced by actor Dave Fennoy. He was at Wayne Enterprises R&D where he had upgraded a series of drones for Batman and relayed this information over the comms. He was shown as being the father of Tiffany and Luke Fox where he worked with Batman to ensure his children's better future. To aid the Dark Knight, he used WayneTech communications network to make a backdoor to keep Batman aware of developments around Gotham. The Children of Arkham had discovered the backdoor and hacked into it in order to spy on the GCPD.
  • In Batman: The Enemy Within, Lucius Fox returned in the Telltale Series where he was voiced by actor Dave Fennoy. It was said that he had helped raise Bruce Wayne with him having a daughter named Tiffany Fox with Lucius continuing in his role as technology officer for Wayne Enterprises after the events of the first game. When the Riddler returned, one of the villains puzzles were taken by Batman who brought it to Lucius to study it. Lucius took it to his laboratory where he managed to solve it but it turned out to be a bomb that detonated thus killing him.


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