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The Galactus Seed is an item that features in Marvel Comics.




The Galactus Seed, also known as the Worldheart, was an item that was actually a super dense cosmic heart created before the beginning of time at the hands of Eternity. Its intention was to give birth to the next universe to come and was formed before recorded time. The Seed was discovered by Bor, the First King of Asgardians with his sons Odin, Vili and Ve. After finding it, Bor planted the Seed in order to give birth to the current universe. In addition, the Seed was responsible for birthing the World Tree over which the Nine Realms resided.

Galactus claimed that the Seed was a cosmic aberration and mistake as it was an attempt by Eternity to correct a flaw that did not exist. He believed that it sprouting would lead to a new cosmos and an inexperienced entity that would replace him and bring about the end of existence quicker. (Fantastic Four v1 #600)

Siege Aftermath

After the destruction of Asgard over Broxton, the World Tree was split whereupon Odin ordered Thor along with Sif to retrieve the Seed from the depths. Odin later attempted to commune with the Seed in order to avert an impending prophecy that concerned the Asgardians. He placed it for safe keeping within the Destroyer armor that immensely empowered it with incalculable power. The Silver Surfer later arrived at this point in order to demand the Seed on behalf of his master Galactus. According to the Herald, the consumption of the Seed was capable of sating the World Devourer's hunger forever.

Odin later rebuffed the Silver Surfer who had warned the Asgardians of Galactus's coming. The All-Father explained thereafter to Thor that the Seed's purpose was to birth the next universe and that Galactus's consumption of it would stall the future thus destroying Galan forever. Ultimately, Galactus and the Silver Surfer battled the Asgardians for the cosmic relic. This saw Loki seeking the help of the Weird Sisters in order to save his brother and Asgard. Thus, he stole the Seed and took it down with him to the depths of the World Tree thus hiding it from everyone which included himself.

Whilst within the World Tree, the Seed remained anchored but if Earth was destroyed then it would be released and tumble through space to locations that were inaccessible. As a result, Galactus desired to acquire the Seed from the Asgardians and wanted to prevent it from going beyond his reach. (Fantastic Four v1 #600)



  • The Galactus Seed was created by Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel where it made its first appearance in The Mighty Thor v1 #1 (June, 2011).

In other media


  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, the artifact was re-named as the Cosmic Seed that sprouted from inside the World Tree Yggdrassil. A young J'son later infiltrated Asgard and stole the Seed leading to a state of hostilities between his home of Spartax and Asgard. During this time, the Seed was contained in the Spartaxian Crypto-Cube and taken to various worlds where the Cosmic Seed energy left a trace on those planets. It was later lost and a state of peace came between the two warring nations. Star-Lord later sought out the Cosmic Seed to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Mad Titan Thanos whilst Loki himself desired its power for himself.


  • The Mighty Thor #1 (June, 2011)
  • Fantastic Four v1:

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