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George Stacy is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




The death of Captain Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #90.

George Stacy

Among his cases was into the Lucky Lobo gang and had an informant at Pappas Imports. One day, he received a call from his informant and took Lieutenants Jean DeWolff and Yuri Watanabe as backup. At the time, he went to meet his contact who turned on him and opened fire with a gunshot in Stacy's leg. The informant was then killed by a gunshot and it appeared as if Captain Stacy was responsible for killing his contact. An investigation was then conducted that revealed the informant had within his possession a ledger of bribes with police officers. This information made it appear as if Captain Stacy killed the informant to hide bribes given to him with the NYPD pushing for him to resign. Whilst the hospital, George Stacy was recovery from the gunshot with his daughter Gwen being brought to him. Around this time, Captain Stacy was approached by the Enforcers who put pressure on Stacy to resign whilst threatening to harm his family. (Gwen Stacy v1 #1)



Personality and attributes

He had an older brother by the name of Arthur Stacy who stayed in London. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #93)

Within the police force, among the people he trusted deeply were Lieutenants Jean DeWolff and Yuri Watanabe. (Gwen Stacy v1 #1)

Powers and abilities


  • George Stacy was created by Stan Lee, John Romita, Sr. and Don Heck where he made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #56 (January, 1968).

Alternate Versions

  • In Spider-Gwen v1 (2015), an alternate version of George Stacy was shown in a world where Gwen Stacy became Spider-Woman. Similar to the main reality, he was a police captain in the New York City Police Department and father of Gwen Stacy. Initially, he was unaware of his daughters superhero activities and headed a task force to arrest the vigilante. However, after learning that Spider-Woman was his daughter, he resigned from the task force and was replaced by Frank Castle.

In other media


  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man, George Stacy appeared in the animated television series where he was voiced by actor Clancy Brown.


  • In Spider-Man 3, George Stacy appeared in the live-action film where he was portrayed by actor James Cromwell.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man, George Stacy appeared in the live-action film where he was portrayed by actor Denis Leary,
  • In Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Captain Stacy appeared in the animated film based on the Spider-Gwen universe where he was voiced by actor Steven Weber.

Video games

  • In The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Stacy was referenced several times in the video game tie-in to the live-action film.


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