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Guile is a prominent character in the Street Fighter series.


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Colonel William F. Guile was the commander of the Allied Nations forces in postwar Shadaloo, a competent commanding officer, liked by his subordinates and a skilled martial artists, but not terribly "up" on people skills. The AN's continuing struggle against the ruthless General Bison turned personal when Bison's men captured Guile's best friend Carlos Blanka along with several hostages. He concocted a scheme to infiltrate Ryu Hoshi and Ken Masters into the gang of Victor Sagat, Bison's arms supplier, and through them learned the location of Bison's secret headquarters outside of Shadaloo.

Despite haranguing by AN officials wishing to try to negotiate with Bison, Guile, with his loyal subordinates Cammy and T. Hawk, led an assault against the evil general's base in a stealth boat. Upon infiltrating the base, Guile discovered that Blanka had been turned into a mutated monster by Bison's scientists, although he retained his human memories thanks to the humane Dr. Dhalsim. Further enraged, Guile defeated several of Bison's soldiers before taking on the General himself in the base's main control room. After a long battle Guile emerged victorious when he roundhouse-kicked Bison into a bank of television screens which exploded triggering a chain reaction that destroyed the base. Guile though was able to escape (along with his team, the hostages and even most of Bison's men). He mourned for Blanka, who along with Dr. Dhalsim had elected to stay behind and die inside the base.

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