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Guy Gardner in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors v1 #11.

Guy Gardner is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




Guy Gardner joins the Green Lantern Corps in Green Lantern v2 #59.

He had an older brother by the name of Mace Gardner who became the armed supervillain mercenary called Militia.

After the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different series of events for the character. The rebooted continuity showed that Guy Gardner was the son of Ebenezer Gardner and Gillian Gardner. Guy had an older brother by the name of Gerard Gardner and a younger sister named Gloria Gardner. (Green Lantern Corps v3 #0) Guy often allowed himself to be beaten by his father with him doing so to prevent his dad from taking out his frustrations on his mother. (Green Lantern: Edge of Oblivion v1 #5) He lacked much of a connection with his mother which meant that after she died it hurt him less compared to the rest of the family. However, his older brother Gerard in his anger felt a need for control and took out his frustrations on Guy. During one such beating, his sister Gloria intervened to stop the beating and got hurt as a result. This caused Guy to let loose his anger and he picked up a bat and broke his brothers arm. A result of this act was that Gerard would be unable to play in the season at football leading to his father striking Guy. Despite this event, Gerard's attitude to his siblings changed as he apologized to Guy in the following year and never again hurt his brother or sister. The Gardner siblings went into the police force with Guy continuing the family tradition but his father never acknowledged his efforts. (Secret Origins v3 #11)

He was later an instructor in an eastern school in America when Abin Sur had crashed on Earth. The Ungaran sought a successor with his Power Ring identifying Gardner was a worthy candidate as he was without fear with Sur commanding it to select the nearest person which was Hal Jordan. (Green Lantern v2 #59) An earthquake in California caused a little girl named Suzy Delancy to be trapped on the edge of a collapsing bridge with Gardner attempting to save her but he was hit by a falling bus. He was rendered unconscious and left in a hospital in a coma state with it being months till he could recover. As a result, the Guardians of the Universe decided to find a new back-up Green Lantern for Earth with them deciding on John Stewart. (Green Lantern v2 #87) It was seven months later before Gardner recovered where one day he was encountered a carnival and met a fortune teller named Kari Limbo. She spoke that he had a great destiny in the future which he did not believe but he was attracted to Kari with the two briefly going out for a week. The pair fell in love with one another and when she moved with the carnival he drove out to meet her on weekends. Around this time, Gardner was approached by Hal Jordan who revealed his identity as being Green Lantern and that Guy was designated as a substitute. Jordan at this moment had to return to Oa and had given Guy a Power Ring in order to operate as Earth's Green Lantern in the mean time. (Secret Origins v2 #7) As Hal departed to repair his Power Ring, Guy substituted as the back-up Green Lantern and teamed up with the Green Arrow who he learnt was Oliver Queen. Together, they worked to fight a remote machine called the Eye that was being controlled by Professor Ojo. Guy succeeded and later went to recharge his ring from the Power Battery but was unaware that a fault existed in it causing it to explode seemingly killing Gardner before Jordan could save him. (Green Lantern v2 #116) In reality, he was catapulted into the Phantom Zone where he fell under the mental control of General Zod where his presence in that dimension allowed him to witness events on Earth. He saw Hal Jordan later fall into a romance with Kari Limbo and on the day of their marriage Gardner used his Power Ring to activate the Phantom Zone Projector where he dragged Superman into the Zone. Upon learning of this, Hal to the Fortress of Solitude where he was similarly dragged into the Zone by Gardner. Gardner battled Jordan under Zod's commands and at his own anger at Jordan for stealing Kari Limbo from him. Ultimately, Jordan managed to escape with Superman leaving Guy still trapped in the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile, Kari Limbo through her visions had learnt that Guy was still alive and though she loved Hal she decided not to marry him as Gardner was her first beloved thus causing her to call off the wedding. (Green Lantern v2 #122)

Green Lantern

Yellow Ring

Following completion of his assignment of recruiting new Corps members, Jordan returned to Earth to retake his position as Green Lantern of Sector 2814. In response to this, Gardner decided to challenge Jordan for the title with the loser being forced to quit the Corps. Ultimately, Gardner lost the battle against Hal Jordan and had to relinquish his power ring. Despite that, Gardner decided to continue to operate as a non-powered vigilante but had failed encounters with Goldface and Black Hand. This leads to Guy deciding to find a means of regaining his power and identity. He would trick Lobo into assisting him in invading the planet Qward in order to find a Qwardian yellow ring like the one used by Sinestro. The Qwardians later told Gardner that the ring was unique and never returned to Qward. This leads to Gardner going to the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa where he found Sinestro's hand in a tomb and took the yellow ring from it. (Guy Gardner: Reborn v1 #1)


Following the destruction of Coast City, a grief stricken Hal Jordan went insane and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps. In the aftermath, Ganthet sought to give the last Power Ring to someone and approached Guy Gardner with an offer to make him Green Lantern. Gardner would refuse and Ganthet instead discovered Kyle Rayner who became the last Green Lantern. (Green Lantern Secret Files & Origins v1 #1)

Emerald Warrior

Sent on a mission in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors v1 #1.

At some point, the Vuldarian DNA within Gardner began to be overwritten by his human DNA leaving him comatose and in agony during a time when the fear entity Parallax began possessing numerous Green Lantern hosts. During, Hal Jordan was restored to the living and a power ring had come to him. Jordan's ring would later split into two with one going to Guy Gardner where it stabilized him by turning him human and making him a Green Lantern again. With his return, the Guardians of the Universe decided to make Guy Gardner one of the senior officers of the rebuilt Green Lantern Corps. (Green Lantern: Rebirth v1 #1)

He came to El Passo when he received a distress call from the new Blue Beetle and witnessed the Reach attacking the town which was a clear violation of the peace treaty with the Green Lantern Corps. He worked alongside other heroes in defeating the Reach who were apprehended for their actions. (Blue Beetle v8 #25)

Red Lantern

Getting a red ring in Red Lanterns v1 #21.

Hal Jordan later approached Guy Gardner with a mission to go undercover into the Red Lantern Corps and investigate their activities in the aftermath of the defeat of the First Lantern. Gardner reluctantly accepts and ends up defeating Atrocitus with him becoming a Red Lantern whereupon he begins to lead that Corps. (Red Lanterns v1 #21)

Return to Green

He let himself be forcibly recruited by the Exo-Mantle in order to learn of the Darkstars plans but became overwhelmed by the command directives of the suit of armor. As such, he was prepared to execute his own father for how he treated Guy badly as a child due to Roland Gardner being drunk most of the time. Arkillo arrived at the scene and managed to convince Guy to use his willpower to stop him from killing whereupon he expunged the Exo-Mantle. He then departed with Arkillo to gather allies in fighting the Darkstars. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #47)


Personality and attributes

During his youth, he was regularly beaten by his father and by adulthood this shaped his life as he said that he never faced a beating as bad as that as his dad gave him. It was this reason why during fights he stayed standing even after being brutally beaten. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #16)

Gardner was said to be the kind of person that stepped into the line of fire as he accepted bad things happened so he made sure they happened to him instead of anyone else. As a result, he had often take a range of bruises as he sheltered others from harm. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #21)

The first woman he had fallen in love with was a fortune teller by the name of Kari Limbo. He did not believe in her premonitions and she was completely opposite to him but was attracted to her with her feeling the same. (Green Lantern v2 #116)

Powers and abilities

Upon being given a Power Ring, he gained all the abilities of a Green Lantern namely flight, ability to shoot green energy beams and create constructs based on his imagination. (Green Lantern v2 #116)


  • Guy Gardner was created by John Broome and Gil Kane where he made his first appearance in Green Lantern v2 #59 (March, 1968).

Alternate Versions

  • In Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century v1 #6 (2007), a character by the name of Jordana Gardner appeared in the alternate reality setting that was a tie-in to the animated series set in the 31st century. She was a human that was chosen by the Green Lantern Corps where she became its youngest recruit causing her to be known as the Teen Lantern with her being designated to Sector 2814. It was said that she came from a long line of ring bearers dating back to the time of Superman. Both sides of her family had Green Lanterns in them with her once being invited to join the Legion of Super-Heroes but she declined due to her responsibilities to the Corps. She was briefly taken over by the Star Conqueror parasite along with the rest of the Corps until they were freed by Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • In Gotham City Garage v1 (2017), Guy Gardner was shown to exist on this alternate reality where he was shown as being a non-powered drunk who frequented the Gotham City Garage until they attracted the attention of The Bat.

In other media


  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Guy Gardner made a number of appearances in the animated series starting in the episode "Day of the Dark Knight!" where he was voiced by actor James Arnold Taylor. In "The Eyes of Despero!", he was shown to had gotten into a fight at the mess hall over a food order leading to him being sent into a detention cell that he shared with Green Lantern Sinestro. When G'Nort was sent to give them food, he accidently locked himself in the cell. The three escaped the disappearance of the Green Lantern Corps after their fight with Despero though Hal Jordan's Power Ring sought out Batman who came to Oa. He found the three Green Lanterns and enlisted their aid with Batman having constant arguments with Gardner. During one such argument, he knocked out Guy Gardner with a single punch to bring him in line. In the fight with Despero, he was dispatched to stop the mind controlled Mogo and found that Sinestro was seeding explosives to destroy the planet Green Lantern. To stop him, Gardner ended in a fight with him and ultimately managed to defeat him just as Batman defeated Despero. In the aftermath, the Green Lantern Corps was restored as Jordan had shrunk them all into his ring.
  • In Young Justice, Guy Gardner made a number of cameo appearances in the animated series where he had a non-voiced role.
  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Guy Gardner was introduced into the animated series where he was voiced by actor Diedrich Bader.


Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, Guy Gardner as a Green Lantern appeared as a boss level antagonist for the villain side in the MMORPG video game where he was voiced by actor Joey Hood.




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