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The Guardians of the Universe from Green Lantern Corps Annual v3 #1.

The Guardians of the Universe are an ancient and powerful species that feature in DC Comics.




The Guardians of the Universe in Green Lantern v2 #40.

The Guardians of the Universe were an ancient race of beings that had evolved on the planet Maltus more than ten billion years ago. (Green Lantern v2 #81) Ten million years ago, the people of Maltus had evolved far beyond anything else they had seen on other worlds. Their perfect culture had become immortal with them possessing vast power allowing children to achieve extraordinary feat. Their great powers had great potential from a young age where they could wipe out entire animal races with a single thought. The Maltusians eventually concluded that maturity could only control their powers and they eventually decided to stop breeding. In the time that followed, a segregation of the sexes though fauna on Maltus had been decimated to the point of leaving it a dreary world in the span of a million years. (Green Lantern: Ganthet's Tale v1 #1) Around ten billion years ago, a group formed known as the Oans that held tremendous natural powers including ability to move objects through mental force whilst their science sought the eternal study of nature. By this time, there was a legend in place that made it a law that they were forbidden from seeing the origins of the universe otherwise their cosmos would be destroyed. A scientist by the name of Krona had risen who had opposed this law and intended to learn of the origins of the universe. Despite warnings, he proceeded with his experiment whereupon an accident emerged when cosmic lightning struck the mission with the disaster unleashing evil into the universe. From across the cosmos, intelligent species succumbed to acts of evil as they began to turn and kill one another with hatred along with violence flourishing on many worlds. Despite the disaster, Krona intended to continue his experiments which forced his kin to transform him into a packet of energy sent to wander space. They then turned their attention to battling the evil that Krona and unleashed by becoming the Guardians of the Universe. (Green Lantern v2 #40) In the aftermath, they met the traveller Volthoom and studied his Travel Lantern as he came to them for aid to save his world that resided elsewhere in the Multiverse. At the time, a Power Ring emerged that bonded to Volthoom though he was unable to access its power to the Emotional Spectrum. By this point, the Maltusians had decided to seal away their emotions into the Great Heart and devoted themselves to science. At their Science Citadel, studied the Power Ring but to no avail where during this time Volthoom met with the Maltusian Rami where he sparked a friendship with him. The pair decided to work together in unlocking the power of the ring so that Volthoom could save his world. This resulted in the implantation of the Great Heart into his chest thus giving him a direct tie to the Emotional Spectrum. Around this time, Volthoom became increasingly more unstable and Rami had used the Travel Lantern to see how to save his homeworld only to find out that it was time displaced Volthoom himself. Rami then confronted Volthoom with this information but his friend had became even more mentally unstable. The Maltusians attempted to stop him and he lashed out against them killing many of their number. Rami then destroyed the Travel Lantern to prevent the future from coming into effect. He then forged from its broken remains into the first seven Power Rings that tapped into the green light in the Emotional Spectrum and dispatched them to recruit the first seven Green Lanterns to defeat Volthoom. (Green Lanterns v1 #26) A time displaced Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz assisted the seven in defeating Volthoom who was imprisoned in the Chamber of Shadows but the events convinced the Guardians that the rings and the Emotional Spectrum were dangerous. Thus, they decided to make use of mechanical enforcers instead of sentient beings for the role of intergalactic enforcers. (Green Lanterns v1 #31)

A great deal of debate occured over the issue which resulted in the splintering of the Maltusian species. The newly formed Oans, now declared Guardians of the Universe, settled a new planet called Oa and dedicated to the protection against evil. Another faction of males believed that evil could not be contained but had to be destroyed and these would become the Controllers while the females did not see fit to involve themselves in the matter and became the Zamarons.

At some point, a group of scientists on Maltus began experiments on small lizards on their world to improve their intelligence but these were abandoned by the time of the Great Exodus. (Omega Men v1 #30) Numerous vessels were launched were sent to colonize other planets such as Oa with these developing diverging civilizations where some thrived and others fell to barbarism. One such colony came to a young world known as Earth with these Maltusians became known as Leprechauns. (Green Lantern: Ganthet's Tale v1 #1) The Maltusians relocated from Maltus to the world of Oa as they abandoned their homeworld due to the emotional responses it brought in them. (Green Lanterns v1 #31) In time, the Oans gradually evolved and took on a more diminutive form. (Green Lantern v2 #40) Millennia ago, the Guardians encountered the descendants of lizards that the had experimented on that became an intelligent humanoid race known as the Psions who sought out their creators. Though learning from the ruins on Maltus, the Guardians deemed their creation to lack true understanding and thus rejected them. However, they felt responsible for the Psions and sent them to a distant galaxy to continue to develop undisturbed. The Guardians vowed not to intrude so long as the Psions remained in their proscribed region of space and hoped to meet their creations one day as equals. (Omega Men v1 #30) Around 500 years ago, the Leprechaun colony on Earth had moved their base of operations during the time of the European colonization. (Green Lantern: Ganthet's Tale v1 #1)

Early History

Long ago, the cosmos was terrorised by the living fear parasite Parallax that was the manifestation of the yellow light of fear in the Emotional Spectrum. To combat it, the Guardians fashioned the Central Power Battery that harnessed the collective power of the green light of willpower. They battled the fear entity and though they were unable to slay it they did manage to place it into a comatose state. In this state, they imprisoned it within the Central Power Battery which was to serve as its prison. Over millennia, the entity's nature was only known as the Yellow Impurity that resided within the battery. In time, Parallax became simply a legend which was done so on purpose to prevent anyone from ever attempting to free the fear parasite again. The Yellow Impurity then became the reason why the green light wielded by agents of the Guardians was vulnerable to the color yellow. Thus, only those that were able to overcome fear were able to truly master a Power Ring. (Green Lantern: Rebirth v1 #3)

In a time long ago, the Elders of Oa quested to bring about their grand designs with their first intention being the expunging all manners of magicks from the universe. Among those that utilised such power included the Sorcerers of Jhes'lesh, the Yattering Tower of Phuul, the Shamans of Ushmiel and the Empire of Tears. The Empire of Tears was the last of these factions that remained with the Guardians battling them and those weak of will were induced to pluck their own eyes out and feat on their own flesh. (Green Lantern Corps Quarterly v1 #7) However, the Guardians of the Universe were victorious on their quest to sought to purge the starways of these dark necromantic factions with the immortal demons of the Empire of Tears being chained to the world of Ysmault that was to serve as their prison. (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual v1 #2) Ultimately, the night-eons came to an end and the dream of a clockwork cosmos came to pass. All mystical power whether good or evil was coalesced into a single force that was sent into a star leading to the creation of the Starheart. (Green Lantern Corps Quarterly v1 #7)

After the seperation between the Guardians and the Zamarons, the Oans female counterparts began a policy of taking mates from the planet Korugar. In order to ensure that they did not abuse their powers out of jealousy - the Oans placed a safety feature within the Central Power Battery which would cause it to self destruct if their powers or their servants were ever used to kill an inhabitant of Korugar.

Around 20,000 or so years ago, they had watched the planet Mars whose dominant lifeform were the Burning Martians that were barbaric and ruthless species. They deemed the race a threat to order and as they were only a few centuries away from space travel the Oans decided to intervene. The Guardians defeated the Burning but did not desire to commit genocide but instead resorted to mass genetic manipulation as they saw great potential in the Martians. They instilled within them a genetic block that caused them to fire fear to prevent them from asexually reproducing as this caused the Burning Martians to spawn. In the aftermath, the Martian civilization developed into the Green Martian and White Martian civilizations. (JLA v1 #87)

Eons ago, they had sought to combat the wrong that Krona had unleashed in the universe. However, their frail bodies were not suited for operating as superheroes and they felt that to strength their forms by tapping into the Central Power Batter would weaken its effectiveness as a weapon. Thus, they decided on the creation of androids to serve as their warrior corps with teams of 2-3 Guardians using their special expertise in creating the perfect creature. (Justice League of America v1 #141)

Billions of years ago, the Guardians embarked on a personal mission of bringing order to the universe. In order to accomplish this, they decided that they needed a police organization of their own design to patrol the spaceways as well as the many worlds. They would create a mechanical race of beings to serve this task and thus created an army of such androids that became known as the Manhunters.

For thousands of years, these mechanical servants brought justice to worlds that had never known it. However, in time, something changed - a glitch occured which slowly spiralled the Manhunters into a darker path. They would begin making wrongful arrests, then use excessive force where none was necessary and eventually make the greatest of tragedies - the extermination of Sector 666. Why this occured is unknown to all except the Manhunters themselves and the Oans who do not wish elaborate. The Guardians attempted to deactivate their former robotic enforcers but nothing happened and the Manhunters waged war on Oa in order to claim the Central Power Battery for themselves but failed. The robots would be banished for their rebellion as punishment for their crime.

In the aftermath, the Guardians decided to choose intelligent beings throughout the cosmos as they believed that such beings were born where they faced the temptations of life yet remained completely honest. (Justice League of America v1 #141) As a result, the Guardians employed organic based law enforcement operatives forty thousand years with these being the Halla who made use of stun rays as they were dispatched to apprehend criminals and were given Power Batteries. (Green Lantern v2 #90) However, these enforcers would be discontinued and a new force would replace them that would become known as the Green Lantern Corps. (Justice League of America v1 #141) Among the first to be recruited was Rori Dag of Rojira who was gifted a Power Ring with him becoming a model for all future ring wielders as the Green Lantern Corps was born. (Green Lantern v2 #67) These would be sentients from hundreds of worlds that were chosen for their willpower as well as their power to overcome great fear. They would be gifted with the Power Ring to serve them on their tasks. Initially, the Guardians approached the Martian civilization and asked them to participate in this enforcer corps and even informed the inhabitants of Mars that the Manhunters were based on them but ultimately were found to be failures. This led them to determine that they needed to bestow the power of the Green Light onto a sentient intellect which was needed to guide it. However, the Martians questioned the wisdom of an intergalactic police force and thus refused the Guardians offer. The Oans agreed to let the Martians instead police their own solar system. (Martian Manhunter v2 #21)

JLA v1 #87 (2003) stated that the Guardians defeated the Burning Martians 20,000 years ago but other appearances of White Martians were shown to exist billions of years ago.

Green Lanterns

The Guardians and Green Lanterns from Tales of the Green Lantern Corps v1 #1.

During the Corps nascent existence, the Guardians determined a threat from the Tchk-Tchkii race that were native to a world situated in Sector 407. The insectoid Tchk-Tchkii possessed a hive-mind and after conquering their own world under a single hive they began to voraciously expand into the universe. As a result, the Guardians determined them a threat to order and justice with the Green Lanterns being dispatched. All members of the Tchk-Tchkii were driven from their conquests back to their homeworld that became encased in a green energy field to contain the insect species. (Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn v1 #4) They remained trapped on their home planet and their large population led them to starve as well as die out. As a result, the surviving insectoids decided to merge their life essence into the Soul Jar that gave them a pale form of immortality where the encased it inside a metallic suit of armour that became the gestalt being known as Legion. (Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn v1 #5) At some point, the Guardians learnt of the danger of the MadGod Sector 3600 which had gained sentience with the Oans dispatching Green Lanterns to combat it but they never returned. This resulted in the Guardians of the Universe directly intervening with all thirty-six of them converging on Sector 3600. The Oans surrounded the area of space around the MadGod where they fashioned a net over it that it tried to break a number of times but ultimately the Guardians succeeded in chaining the entity. They shrunk the vast creature into a single container of space and imprisoned it where it was to remain in the Sciencells for all eternity. (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual v1 #2) Around 50,0000 to 40,000 years ago, the Guardians of the Universe encountered the Reach and with the Green Lantern Corps fighting a war with them that ended in a draw. In the aftermath, a treaty was established by both sides to establish boundaries of peace and quell the Reach's destructive expansion. (Blue Beetle v8 #14) By 954.09 years ago, Green Lantern Kendotha Kr'nek was dispatched to bring Oan law to the unknown world of Apokolips. Raker Qarrigat was dispatched to complete her mission where he fought off Apokolips forces leading to an eventual confrontation with Darkseid. Darkseid wounded Qarrigat effortlessly and had him return back to Oa to inform the Guardians of the Universe that Apokolips was beyond their rule. Under Qarrigat's advice, the Guardians initiated a mass recruitment program over two years gaining a new Green Lantern for each sector of space leading to the Corps growing 3600 in number. With this army, Raker Qarrigat led the large Green Lantern Corps against the forces of Apokolips but their foes had studied the Power Ring and learnt of its weakness to yellow thus leading to the coating their armor in it. The Green Lanterns suffered heavy losses till the Guardians of the Universe intervened and deemed that Darkseid in control of Apokolips was the best course for the universe. Thus, a treaty was established where the Oans would leave Apokolips in exchange for Darkseid not expanding his reach to the worlds under the Guardians custodianship. Darkseid agreed but under the caveat that Raker Qarrigat was left behind on Apokolips with the Guardians agreeing and they purged this incident from the Book of Oa. (Green Lantern 80-Page Giant v1 #3) Around a quarter million years ago, a Green Lantern encountered a powerful monster with the Corpsmen killed and his Power Ring taken by the creature. Developing an innate control over the Power Ring, the beast set a course through space towards the planet Oa with the Guardians dispatching the Corps to intercept it. Heading towards their homeworld, creature had slain hundreds of Green Lanterns and wounded thousands until it landed on top of the Central Power Battery. There, it was confronted by one of the Guardians who unleashed his power to stop the beast only for it to begin to adapt to his attacks. The Oan came to realise that he could not defeat the creature and thus sacrificed himself by unleashing his complete power which obliterated the site. It was believed that the monster was slain but unknown to them, the explosion tore a hole in reality which deposited the creature into a different region of space near Calaton allowing it to continue its rampage. (Doomsday Annual v1 #1) Eons ago, the Guardians had exiled a group of extraterrestrial criminals to the moon Titan in order to mine it for ore that was used in the creation of Power Rings. (The Flash v1 #221)


A Guardian with the Torchbearer Kyle Rayner from Ion v1 #6.

Despite the years of influence that Hal Jordan had on the Corps, it would be him that would bring about its destruction. After his home of Coast City was destroyed by the villanous Mongul, Hal Jordan became obsessed with recreating reality in order to recreate his home as well as its people. This sense of fear left him vulnerable to the predations of Parallax who had been reawakened by Sinestro after he was imprisoned in the Central Power Battery. Using its fear generating abilities, it made Hal Jordan insane.

When Jordan recreated his home with his rings own power, he was chastised by the Guardians for the abuse of his powers for his own gain. This made Jordan even more violent as he grew fearful of his Green Lantern powers being taken away from him. Thus, he began a campaign of gaining the ultimate power of the Central Power Battery itself. Taking on the name Parallax, he left a wave of destruction across the stars killing thousands of Green Lanterns on his way to Oa.

The Guardians felt at this point that drastic measures needed to be taken and went into the Central Power Battery where they extracted the renegade Lantern Sinestro to combat the threat posed by Hal Jordan. Despite this last measure, Sinestro was seemingly killed in the battle and Hal Jordan was victorious after which he absorbed the power of the Central Power Battery as well as kill the Guardians. In their final act, the majority of the Guardians shielded one of their own so that their kind would survive in some measure. This time saw the end of the Guardians rule and their Green Lantern Corps both of which seemingly ceased to exist.


The Templar Guardians in Green Lantern v5 #39.

The rebirth of the Guardians nearly came at an end when some of their Green Lanterns accidently discovered a plot by the Spider Guild. This forced the Guild to engage in a pre-emptive strike against Oa itself which nearly destroyed the Guardians but the Green Lantern Corps managed to repell the attack as well as destroy a primary Guild nest world. This caused the Guardians to consider on re-evaluating their treaties that prohibited them from the Vegan system.

The arrival of Tomar-Tu convinced Hal Jordan that the other Lost Lanterns lived and were prisoners of the Manhunters in Sector 3601. This led to him petitioning the Guardians to launch a rescue mission to recover them but the Oan's refused as they cited this as being an emotional reaction that threatened to reawaken the Manhunters. (Green Lantern v4 #11)

Shortly after this point, the Guardians found themselves again attacked - this time at the hands of the mad Kryptonian Superboy-Prime. After his defeat, it was decided by the assembled Guardians to implement better defensive measures which resulted in them encasing Oa in a powerful defensive armour to protect them from further attacks.

A new war erupted in the Sinestro Corps War which came when the Anti-Monitor used his herald Sinestro to create a corps of warriors similar to the Green Lanterns. The resulting conflict brought the prophecy of the Blackest Night to the attention of the Guardians, however, they refused to feel fear over what they believed to be superstition.

In the midst of the conflict, the Guardians decided to personally intervene and arrived on Earth where they attacked the Anti-Monitor where during the battle one of their own was scarred by the cosmic being. After his defeat, they were involved in battling Superman Prime where an Oan willingly sacrificed his life in order to vanquish the insane Kryptonian from another universe. (Green Lantern v4 #25)

During this time, the Guardians determined that the required a strict control over the Corps in the wake of the new laws added into the Book of Oa. Thus, the instigated the creation of a branch of the Corps that became known as the Alpha Lanterns. These were cyborgs created via cosmic surgery on a selected Green Lantern enforcer that were connected to the Central Power Battery and the Book of Oa with them being charged with investigating any inappropriate or unlawful conduct in the Corps. (Green Lantern v4 #27)

They allowed Sinestro to re-join the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps as the ring had chosen him and they claimed it was an act of redemption. When Ganthet opposed them, the collective Guardians used their powers to rewrite his mind as they no longer tolerated his dissension from their ranks and altered his thought processes to match their own so they could act with unity. (Green Lantern v5 #1) Secretly, the Guardians called a meeting of their number and came to decide that the Green Lantern Corps had failed due to the faults of their wielders leading to them enacting their plans to unleash the Third Army. (Green Lantern v5 #3)

The Templar Guardians as well as Rami during their travels were captured by the remaining surviving Controllers who proceeded in capturing Ganthet and Sayd from Mogo. Their intention was to use the shared Maltusian genetics of the Guardians to be harvest and transform the Oans into new Controllers to bolster their dwindling race. This resulted in the transformation of Gurion, Natos and Yekop into Controllers with this fate being planned for the surviving six Guardians. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #35) This plot was thwarted by the four Earth Green Lanterns who attacked the Controllers stronghold to free the Oans forcing the enemy to retreat. In the aftermath, Ganthet was determined to leave a lasting legacy in the cosmos by being a benevolent governing council for the Green Lantern Corps. Thus, he had him and his remaining kin formally resume their role as Guardians and leaders of the Green Lanterns. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #36)

With their release, they helped in the defeat of Eon and the Ravagers of Olys with the latter being taken to a world where they could develop in peace. They also revealed that the Corps was going to adapt to growing changes and that they had secretly rebuilt Oa that was to return as their headquarters as they relocated there. (Green Lanterns v1 #57)

After the Omega Titan incident, the Ghost Sector was restored into the universe where the danger of it and its surrounding Maelstrom led to the Guardian's forbade any entry into it with them establishing security outposts on the perimeter that were managed by Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. (Justice League Odyssey v1 #1)


The Guardians of the Universe, also known as Oans, were a small blue skinned race of beings that were virtually immortal. They did not require to sleep or rest and were capable of controlling a great deal of energy with their minds. One of their greatest assests were their superhuman intelligence and billions of years experience.

Oans were devoted to the concept of bringing order to a chaotic universe. As such, a majority of the race believed in the suppression of emotions in their quest to bring order and did not take names though there were exceptions. Feeling emotions was considered a crime and those members of the Guardians who expressed such behaviour were exiled from their ranks.

The early Maltusians long ago began to develop their great mental powers which they would one day use as Guardians of the Universe. These early Oans had great power in the power of their minds and whilst the could perform miraculous feats, their control over such abilities were limited. (Ganthet's Tale v1 #1) They did not draw their power from the great battery but instead contained their own energies making them effectively living Power Batteries. (DC Comics Presents v1 #60) It was for this reason that they held great power with each being like unto a Power Battery. (Doomsday Annual v1 #1) As an Oan was akin to a living Power Battery, they could effectively be used feed a Power Battery if the Central Power Battery was not operational though it was a considerable drain on their systems. (Green Lantern v2 #195) The powers of the race were empowered by the collective willpower of the denziens of the galaxy.

Individual Guardians had the potential of cracking a planet with a thought. (Green Lantern: Rebirth v1 #3)

Through power-conversion, they were able to turn their forms into a phantom-body allowing them to phase through solid objects. (DC Comics Presents v1 #60) They had the ability to create energy duplicates of people allowing them to communicate with people on the other side of the universe and could erase memories from individuals. (Green Lantern v2 #1) Oans were also able to extend every aspect of their consciousness and spread it across the universe during times of meditation allowing them to sense danger over great distances. (Green Lanterns v1 #50) Certain beings were powerful enough to jam their ability to reach out beyond a world and gather information. (Green Lanterns v1 #51)

Whilst powerful, it was said that their bodies were not physically adapted for operating as superheroes though the could divert part of the energy from the Central Power Battery to prepare their forms for combat. (Justice League of America v1 #141) These immortal beings though noted for their almost limitless power but the one thing they could not do was travel in time as the penalty for doing so was losing their immortality. Despite unable to travel in time, their powers allowed them to get glimpses of the future. (Green Lantern v2 #51) Even Guardians were vulnerable to the energy of a Power Ring. (DC Comics Presents v1 #60)

It was said that the Guardians were a strange race who were hard to understand. Some developed pursuits in arts such as poetry which was unlike that of other beings due to their immortal nature. Such poems were slowly built over millennia with thoughts and ideas refined in their purest form to the point that it was impossible to translate them to the sensibilities of mortal races. For eons, they had learnt that in any struggle the edge of victory was not power but rather will to win that determined the victory which was backed by strength of their cause. The Guardians did not like to involve themselves directly in affairs and instead preferred for others to act as their agents. During their dealings with others, they often were used to the idea of being obeyed and that people would follow their commands. Though immortal, the Guardians were not infallible and suffered from weaknesses such as weariness or impatience. They did not believe in the use of punishments on their own and instead responsibility drove individual Guardians to correct their own mistakes. (DC Comics Presents v1 #60) They preferred not to engage in emotional reactions and found the idea of instinctual actions to be the product of lower more primitive life forms with this being a kind of barbaric form of telepathy. (Green Lantern v4 #11)

Typically, the Guardians were always linked to one another through a mind-union. (Green Lantern v3 #2) One Maltusian practice that they had used was a ritual transfer. (Green Lanterns v1 #12) On a yearly basis, the Guardians underwent meditation where they were not disturbed. (Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn v1 #4) During such time, they resided in sealed capsules that were located in their meditation chambers. (Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn v1 #5) The Oans followed old Maltusian burial customs where they used a single large crypt for all their heroes with this being close to the ground yet close to the souls of the living so that they and the dead could commune with one another. (Guy Gardner: Reborn v1 #3) They were capable of willingly sacrificing their lives and unleashed their power in order to vanquish dangerous foes. (Green Lantern v4 #25) A Guardian engaged in such actions when facing extremely dangerous threats. (Doomsday Annual v1 #1) It was typically believed that they were immortal and virtually impossible to kill though in reality there were ways to eliminate a Guardian. (Green Lanterns v1 #51)

According to them, they overlooked the universe as the aspired towards mercy, strength and wisdom. They sought out operatives that could withstand great fear and had the strength to fight to the death for what was right. It was this reason they sought recruits that embodied the highest of attributes. In their service were X-Ray Lanterns, Radio Lanterns, Gamma Lanterns, Microwave Lanterns and other such agents that extended the reach of their peacekeeping forces across all scales and wavelengths. Thus, they could range from the nanoscopic to the unspeakably immense. (The Green Lantern v1 #1) It was said that they did not like to directly intervene in galactic affairs with this especially being the case in the past. (JLA v1 #87)

The Guardians had long ago eschewed the use of sorcery and magic. (DC Challenge v1 #9) They had the means of putting a kind of mental implant in a users mind allowing them to prepare people for roles such as being a Green Lantern. (Green Lantern v2 #116) The Oans were capable of engaging in mass genetic manipulation of other species allowing them to instil genetic blocks to develop weaknesses in areas that were a strength for a race and was used as a means of altering a civilization that had potential onto a path that could lead them into becoming champions. (JLA v1 #87) They could also engage in cosmic surgery that could be used to turn individuals into sophisticated cyborgs equipped and mainlined into Oan technology. (Green Lantern v4 #27) Oans made use of reflective stones that were crystals which retained memories that could be accessed. (Green Lantern v2 #170)

A form of dwelling used by the species were called Houseplants which were trees that were honeycombed with small passages which served as rooms. Houseplants were in fact genetically engineered to serve as homes to the Oans. As such, whilst they were a dwelling, they were still living and growing plants. They required care and were capable of dying off if they were abandoned. Such plants generally took centuries to fully mature in size. (Ganthet's Tale v1 #1) They were able to peer into other universes such as the Anti-Matter Universe and had instruments to record events that they observed. (Green Lantern v1 #7) They had telescopes that could monitor events at the moment. The Guardians had machines that could store data taken from the brains after death. This allowed them to conduct mental post-mortems allowing them to view the actions of a fallen Green Lantern after they were killed. (Green Lantern v2 #59)

They had the technology to generate null fields that neutralised the ability of a Power Ring to operate. (Green Lantern v2 #116)

The Guardians had the means of manipulating the timestream. (DC Challenge v1 #9)

Around the modern day, there were thirty-six Guardians of the Universe that had operated in control of the Green Lantern Corps. (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual v1 #2)

The Oans also maintained a number of different facilities throughout the universe. They had built the Chamber of Shadows that served as a prison where the Guardians punished their criminals and had also created its sister structure that was the Vault of Shadows. The Vault was situated in Sector 180 at the edge of the universe with it serving as a mausoleum where the Guardians buried their secrets. It contained the suspended remains of the first seven Green Lanterns with an inner crypt containing the first Power Ring. (Green Lanterns v1 #25)


  • Appa Ali Apsa :
  • Broome Bon Baris : (Green Lantern Corps #222)
  • Dawlakispokpok :
  • Ganthet :
  • Herupa Hando Hu :
  • Lianna :
  • John Stewart :
  • Pazu Pinder Pol : (Green Lantern v2 #200)
  • Kontross : (Action Comics v1 #794)
  • Ranakar : a male Guardian who was charged with monitoring the energy levels of the great battery who was dispatched to aid Superman as an advisor to stop the actions of the Weapon Master who had siphoned power from the Central Power Battery. (DC Comics Presents v1 #60)
  • Sayd :
  • Basilus : a male Guardian who recounted to the New God Metron of the dangers posed from the Molantians. (DC Challenge v1 #9)
  • Valorex : a male Guardian who accompanied Basilus during their meeting with the New God Metron over the threat from the Molantians. (DC Challenge v1 #9)
  • Rami : the male Rogue Guardian who was banished long ago for his creation of the Phantom Ring. (Green Lanterns v1 #6)
  • Kada Sal : a male Guardian who was murdered on Mogo. (Green Lanterns v1 #50)
  • Scar :
  • Pale Bishop : a male Guardian who was among his people when the first experimented with tapping into emotions but became afraid leading to him abandoning his kin as he rid himself of all emotions and established a church of anti-emotion called the Paling. (Sinestro v1 #20)
  • Sodam Yat :


  • The Guardians of the Universe were created by John Broome and Gil Kane where they made their first appearance in Green Lantern v2 #1 (July 1960).
  • They were modelled on first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion.
  • Writer Grant Morrison in an interview commented about the Guardians that, "The Guardians have often been played as, you know, out-of-touch geriatric characters, but we want to play them as actually, these beings have been around since the dawn of the universe. They have an intrinsic understanding of what is right, in the sense of what needs to create an organization, more freedom - they understand it in ways that we don't."
  • In Strange Adventures v1 #22 (1952), an unrelated race of beings known as the Guardians of the Universe appeared in the issue. These humanoids had powerful abilities and saw the universe as operating akin to a clock. For time immemorial, they kept a ceaseless vigil to ensure that no part of the clockwork stopped as this was believed to cause catastrophe. These Guardians were not men of action and instead operated through agents of great power to conduct acts to prevent disasters such as Captain Comet. One among their numbers was Nestro who was the Chief Guardian of the Universe and oldest of their number.

Alternate Versions

  • In Smallville: Lantern v1 (2014), an alternate version of the Guardians of the Universe appeared in the Smallville Season 11 tie-in comics set after the events of the television show. They were the immortal creators of the Power Ring that made willpower manifest who long ago created the Manhunters that rebelled against them leading to them replacing the machines with the Green Lantern Corps to be interstellar peacekeepers. The Guardians managed the Corps until the Manhunters arose once again and in large numbers targeted all of known space in an event known as the Parallax War. To stem the tide, the Guardians forged a treaty with the cosmic entity Parallax to create yellow Power Rings that could be used to turn the frightened inhabitants of those worlds attacked into shock troopers. In exchange, the Guardians offered themselves as sustenance to the fear parasite who engulfed them in its substance and a treaty was forged that no new Green Lanterns were to be inducted. At this time, Parallax also possessed the Green Lantern Hal Jordan causing him to devastate the Green Lantern Corps. The Guardians were believed killed but in reality had remained in Parallax's refuge alone and undisturbed as he fed on their fears. They were ultimately killed when Parallax arose again after the cosmic entity believed the treaty was broken by the Green Lantern Corps when a Power Ring inducted Superman into their ranks.
  • In The Multiversity: The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World v1 #1 (2014), an alternate version of the Guardians of the Universe were shown to reside in the Multiverse on Earth-20. The immortals had created the interplanetary police force known as the Green Lantern Corps who were armed with Power Rings that turned their thoughts into material things. Guardian Metascopes were trained on Bleed Space that separated universes where it registered a parallel Earth and an entire alternate realty moving in a binary orbit as well as on a collision course with their own universe. Green Lantern Abin Sur of Sector 2814 was dispatched to aid their Earth's greatest superheroes who were the Society of Super-Heroes led by Doc Strange.
  • In Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds v1 (2017), an alternate version of the Guardians of the Universe were shown to reside in the Star Trek universe. They resided on Oa but were much earlier in their technological development where they still made use of the Manhunters but had not created the Green Lantern Corps nor Power Rings. The universe displaced Lantern Corps sought them out as a means of recharging their Power Rings with Sinestro travelling there where he freed Parallax from the Central Power Battery. Among the Guardians shown were Ganthet, Sayd and Tantho with many of their number killed by Sinestro.

In other media


Guardians of the Universe in Superman: The Animated Series.
Guardians of the Universe in Green Lantern: The Animated Series.
  • In The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, the Guardians of the Universe appeared in the episode "Evil is as Evil Does" where they were voiced by actor Paul Frees.
  • In the DC Animated Universe, the Guardians of the Universe made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Superman: The Animated Series, the Guardians of the Universe first appeared in the episode "In Brightest Day..." where they were voiced by actors Pat Musick and Peter Mark Richman. They were show to be the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps and operated from the planet Oa. The Guardians briefly transported Superman to them in order to tell him of the danger of Sinestro where they asked Kal-El to protect newly chosen Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.
    • In Justice League, the Guardians of the Universe appeared in the episode "In Blackest Night" where they were voiced by actor RenĂ© Auberjonois. They had previously created the Manhunters on Oa but ended their service when the androids were no longer able to distinguish between good and evil. Rather than dismantle them, they had the robots re-programmed for other duties and later created the Green Lantern Corps to replace them with the organization consisting of diverse members of different species. The Guardians claimed to be keepers of the Green Lantern's power source but allowed the Corps members to retain their own autonomy.
    • In Justice League Unlimited, the Guardians of the Universe made a brief appearance in the episode "The Return" where they were voiced by actor Clancy Brown.
  • In Young Justice, the Guardians of the Universe were mentioned and did not make an appearance in the animated series. It was revealed that Guardian treaty prevented the Reach from outwardly invading planets and they could only approach worlds that had invited them in which case the Green Lanterns were barred from that world.
  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, the Guardians of the Universe made regular appearances in the animated show. It was said that long ago they wielded great power and a scientist from their race named Krona was responsible for creating the Anti-Monitor as a time machine to witness creation but it went rogue forcing the Guardian to banish it to another dimension. They had later created the android Manhunters to bring order to the universe but discontinued their use after the androids committed the Massacre of Space Sector 666. Afterwards, the formed the Green Lantern Corps that were divided among the 3600 Sectors of space with the Guardian Council providing oversight. They later charged their Science Director to create a new form of AI and had also begun to abandon certain abilities they had possessed in their past.


  • In Green Lantern: First Flight, the Guardians of the Universe featured in the animated film with a number of them named including Ganthet, Appa Ali Apsa and Ranakar. They were shown as being the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps and resided on the planet Oa. After Abin Sur's death, his Power Ring went to Hal Jordan of Earth who was taken by a number of Green Lanterns to Oa before the Guardians. The Guardians were perplexed at the idea of an inhabitant of Earth being given a Power Ring but allowed Jordan to retain it when Green Lantern Sinestro offered to teach as well as test the human to determine his worthiness of joining the Green Lantern Corps.
  • In Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the Guardians of the Universe featured in the animated film. They were shown as being present during the earliest history of the universe where chaos only reigned with threats such as the Dominators attacking many worlds. To bring order, the Oans decided to craft a weapon to aid their peacekeepers leading to them tapping into the Emotional Spectrum to forge the first Power Rings. They then selected agents to serve as their Green Lanterns with the rings choosing their wielders. Among the first Green Lanterns were G'Hu, Wachet, Blu and surprisingly the Guardian's scribe Avra. Initially, these four were nearly overwhelmed by their foe until Avra tapped into his willpower to use the full extent of his rings capabilities allowing them to defeat the Dominators after the lose of one of their own. With this victory, the Green Lantern Corps was established that became bringers of peace to the universe.
  • In Green Lantern, the Guardians of the Universe appeared in the live-action film. They were described as an immortal race of beings that had harnessed the green energy of Willpower billions of years ago. The Guardians built the world of Oa to watch over existence and used the emerald energy to fashion a Power Ring as a tool. After dividing the universe into 3600 Sectors, they sent a ring to each Space Sector to select an individual that was without fear to become part of the intergalactic peacekeepers the Guardians had formed known as the Green Lantern Corps. The Blu-ray edition included a speculate featurette called "The Guardians revealed" that detailed the names of the Guardians who were identified as; Ganthet, Sayd, Appa Ali Apsa, Scar, Raugniad, Nguanzo, Pazu, Basil, Baris, Herupa, and Krona.

Video games

  • In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, the Guardians of the Universe made an appearance in the video game where two unidentified members were voiced by actors Christopher Corey Smith and Joe J. Thomas with Ganthet being voiced by actor Michael McConnohie.
  • In Injustice 2, the Guardians of the Universe were referenced in the setting of the fighting video game. They were said to had given Hal Jordan a chance after he became Yellow Lantern and had joined Superman's One Earth Regime. They made him go through trials to see whether he was worthy to wield a green ring again which he accomplished and thus earned their trust once more.


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