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HARDAC (Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Computer) was an artificial intelligence created by Cybertron Industries. HARDAC attempted to take over the world by replacing key figures with robotic duplicates, based on a directive to protect humans given by its creator Karl Rossum. HARDAC believed all humans would indeed be safe- under its absolute control.

HARDAC was destroyed by Batman, but a final duplicate was created before the computer's end. This duplicate- an advanced prototype- was created with the image and personality of Batman himself. This duplicate believed he was the true Batman- even after being damaged, he believed that he was the real Batman trapped in a robotic body.

However, he was compelled to seek out remaining components of HARDAC, which he installed, making him a merger of Batman and HARDAC. Returning to the Batcave, the duplicate tried to install HARDAC on the computer there, from which the AI would take over the world. Confronting the real Batman, the duplicate was faced with the monstrosity of his master's plans. He destroyed HARDAC in mid-installation, along with himself.

HARDAC has not manifested since.


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