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The technology thief known as Hard Drive is one of Megakat City's most clever and elusive criminals. Hard Drive could most often be seen wearing a Surge Coat. He started on the road to crime by accessing bank accounts through automated teller machines, and later moved up to stealing top-secret files for sale to the highest bidder. In his second visit to Megakat City, Hard Drive successfully infiltrated the Megakat City Defense Center. He stole from their computers numerous metropolitan defense secrets, and then escaped by zapping through powerlines. The Swat Kats were soon on Hard Drive's trail, keeping track of the techno-crook with a special surge detector. Eventually, after two failed attempts, they managed to capture him inside of a specially insulated Wire Clipper Missile. Hard Drive was then taken into custody by the Enforcers. He didn't stay in jail for long.

Dark Kat, needing a partner to help him in his plan to destroy the Swat Kats, sprung Hard Drive from his cell. Hard Drive's part in Dark Kat's plot was to lure the unsuspecting Swat Kats into a trap set by Dark Kat in an abandoned kitty litter factory. The trap worked. Hard Drive wanted to kill his enemies right away, but Dark Kat had grander plans. While the vigilantes were put on a conveyor-belt deathtrap, Hard Drive took the Turbokat and posed as the Swat Kats, using a special voice simulator given to him by Dark Kat, which he'd built using the files Hard Drive stole. The techno-crook destroyed several buildings, tarnishing the Swat Kats' image as heroes, and even extorted money from the city in the process. It looked as if the villains had won, but the Swat Kats escaped and, with the help of Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, eluded the pursuing Enforcers and tracked down Hard Drive and Dark Kat. The two villains were defeated and turned over to the Enforcers.

Hard Drive would escape, however. In his second battle with the Swat Kats, he stole from Puma-Dyne the giant prototype Enforcer tank known as the Behemoth, although he was without the Surge Suit at this time. With an impenetrable forcefield and thought-activated arsenal, Hard Drive seemed unstoppable. But the Swat Kats managed to get the best of him again, when a Scrambler Missile shorted out not only the Behemoth's forcefield but also its controls. Unable to steer the tank, Hard Drive crashed right into a storage hangar. After pulling himself from the wreckage, he surrendered to the Enforcers. Much later, however, the technology thief surfaced a third time.

Using a new, more advanced Surge Suit, he infiltrated Puma-Dyne again by coming through the telephone lines. He quickly made off with Dr. Ohm's Anti-Weapons Scrambler, right before the eyes of the scientist. With the anti-weapons scrambler, Hard Drive was able to rob the Megakat Mint's high-speed railway by shutting down the transportation train's defenses. He then used his high-tech fighter jet to start robbing it off its gold, when the Swat Kats arrived. Having expected them, Hard Drive used the anti-weapons scrambler on the Turbokat, disabling all its weapons systems. He then turned his attention to killing the vigilantes once and for all. He almost succeeded, but the quick-thinking Razor poured gallons of paint from the Turbokat's bomb bay all over Hard Drive's cockpit. Unable to see, he crashed his jet in the bay. He attempted to make a hasty getaway with the anti-wepaons scrambler, but then Razor, propelled by a hanglider, flew down and kicked him in the face. The unconscious Hard Drive was then taken into custody by the Enforcers.

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