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Harry Maybourne is a male television character that features in Stargate SG-1.



Colonel Maybourne first appeared in the season one episode "Enigma" attempting to gain advanced technology from the Tollan, an alien offshoot of humanity that possessed technology above even the Goa'uld. Maybourne had the Tollan forcibly held at the SGC, and prevented them from leaving through the Stargate until SG-1 intervened. In season 2, the now-Colonel Maybourne led an NID attempt to claim Teal'c for study when Teal'c had been infected by an alien insect in the episode "Bane" for study. The following year, in "Foothold" Maybourne helped Major Carter thwart the plan of an alien species to take over Stargate Command and, eventually, the entirety of the Earth.

As a member of the National Intelligence Department (NID), Maybourne also lead several rogue NID operations to acquire alien technologies in a more ruthless manner than the Stargate Command (SGC). As part of these operations his people stole several alien devices with the help of Colonel Makepeace of SG-3. Maybourne eventually had Colonel Jack O'Neill join his group of off-world thieves, believing that O'Neill had been forced to retire because of his beliefs that the SGC was working too slowly. However, the entire situation had been concocted by the SGC in order to draw out the Earth-bound leaders of the rogue thieves. His activities were thwarted and the operation closed down. Because of this his military career was finished and Maybourne fled to Russia, where he leaked critical information which aided the Russian Stargate Program. Later he was caught, convicted of treason, and placed on death row.

Maybourne was later contacted by O'Neill after General Hammond had been blackmailed into resigning from his position. Together, they learned that Senator Kinsey was heavily involved with rogue NID operations, because of this they are able to get Hammond reinstated. In light of this information, Maybourne also had himself transferred to a nicer facility, from which he promptly escaped. He later again helped O'Neill when businessman Adrian Conrad kidnapped Carter in order to extract information from her about Goa'uld symbiotes. During this operation it was revealed that Maybourne was the one who acquired the symbiote from the Russians. A short time later Maybourne again helped O'Neill when Teal'c was stuck in the Stargate. Together the two revealed that Colonel Frank Simmons caught the Goa'uld who took control over Adrian Conrad and also found a way to rescue Teal'c.

Over a year later, Maybourne tricked SG-1 into taking him offworld. He convinced them he could deliver powerful weapons, the same weapons Col. Frank Simmons hijacked the Prometheus to collect, in exchange for a Presidential pardon. He was secretly searching for a Utopian paradise, set up by the Furlings, which turned out to have been destroyed long ago by the Goa'uld. Together with Jack he was then trapped on that world and grew increasingly paranoid, affected by a particular plant that the Goa'uld had smuggled into the colony, and was nearly killed by O'Neill when the two were driven to violence. Maybourne and Jack were eventually rescued by the Tok'ra with the help of Major Samantha Carter.

Maybourne was exiled by the Tok'ra to a far-off planet. Two years later, SG-1 was sent to recover him, hoping to prevent him from falling into the hands of the Goa'uld System Lord Ares. Maybourne had deciphered some Ancient writing on a temple, which apparently pertained to the future, allowed him to predict enough of the planet's near-future to proclaim himself a prophet. He became the ruler of the local peoples, King Arkhan I, and led a life of leisure. He also used his technological expertise to improve the standard of life for his people, building a new aqueduct and irrigation systems. When the truth about the source of his knowledge was finally revealed, the people chose to overlook his deception. Ares was prevented from enslaving the planet, and defeated by means of an Ancient Puddle Jumper equipped with a time machine. This craft was the source of the prophetic writings Maybourne had discovered. SG-1 returned to Earth, but Maybourne remained with the people that he had grown to love.


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  • Harry Maybourne was portrayed by actor Tom McBeath.
  • Tom McBeath was phoned up by his agent who said he should try to auditioning for the part as Maybourne, the audition took place in Vancouver, Canada.<ref name="d">Template:Cite web</ref> After auditioning for the part as Harry Maybourne, the producers revealed that he "maybe" could get a spot as a recurring character in the show. McBeath called his role as Maybourne at the start of the series "boring," but was glad for the new change in the characters direction in the series after he was convicted for treason. McBeath aslo commented that the writers and the producers for the show had more "fun" when his character started to "loosen" up.<ref name="tommcbeath"/> McBeath once stated that the character of Maybourne dimished after Richard Dean Anderson departure from the show in season 8.<ref name="biography">Template:Cite web</ref>
  • In the Stargate SG-1 episode, "Watergate" they used melted wax to give Maybourne a frozen look in the episode. The wax was toxic and he couldn't breath it in, if he did it would have lede him to his death.<ref name="d"/>


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