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Helena Bertinelli as Huntress in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey v1 #4.

Helena Bertinelli is a female comic character that features in DC Comics.




Becoming the Huntress in Huntress v1 #1.

Helena Bertinelli


She went through the portal to the Crooked House in the Ghost Zone with the badly wounded Prometheus. Alone with the supervillain, she was in the process of attempting to kill him when Batman arrived to stop her. He rescued the pair but told Huntress that he revoked her position in the Justice League leading to her being fired from their ranks. (JLA v1 #39)

Helena was later invited by Batman to join the newest incarnation of the Justice League where she questioned his reasoning for adding her to the team. (JLA Secret Files and Origins v1 #2)

After Arsenal was badly wounded from gunshot wounds, he requested that Huntress take his place on the Outsiders despite Nightwing's reservations. (Outsiders v3 #8) She was on the team when they encountered Ishmael Gregor who had claimed the powers of Sabbac leading to Grace Choi being badly injured. Helena had an argument with Jefferson Pierce when he came to take his daughter Anissa Pierce off the team. (Outsiders v3 #9) When Roy Harper recovered, he returned to the Outsiders with Huntress deciding to quit the team as she said she only did it as a favour for Arsenal until he got better enough to return to active duty. (Outsiders v3 #12)

Birds of Prey

The New 52

Spyral Agent Helena Bertinelli in Grayson Annual v1 #1.

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different timeline of events for the characters. Her great-great grandfather was Gino Bertinelli who alongside with the Cassamento family stepped in the 1860's to operate as the Mafia where they initially protected people from criminals but later turned into a criminal organization. In the 1930's, her grandfather Salvatore Bertinelli immigrated to America with his family where they settled in Gotham City. Around this time, the Bertinelli's and Cassamento's continued their partnership of offering protection to the people of Gotham. In time, the Bertinelli's became among the top five families of Gotham and later betrayed the Cassamento's that ended their friendship along with ending their allies business. Afterwards, her father Frank Bertinelli met and married a woman by the name of Maria with a few years later they had a son named Pino Bertinelli who was the older brother of Helena Bertinelli. Salvatore Bertinelli died around this time with Frank Bertinelli believing that the Cassamento's had been responsible for the death. (Batgirl and the Birds of Prey v1 #4) Her husband Frank fixated himself on the family business and began to neglect his wife. It was around this time that she entered into an affair with Canto Cassamento. Her mother knew that her father would not grant a divorce out of proud and hatched a plot with Cassamento to escape this life. She agreed in secret for Cassamento's gunmen to come into the home to kill Frank Bertinelli and take the children but the Cassamento's rivalry with the Bertinelli's was enacted where they sought to kill all except Maria Bertinelli. She was taken from the home and led to believe that that her children were killed where she tried to strike at Canto but he kept her hostage over the years. (Batgirl and the Birds of Prey v1 #6) Helena believed the hitmen were dispatched by Santo Cassamento and that they killed Helena's father, mother and older brother. Helena had managed to hide and thus survived where she was saved by the police after which her fathers mob allies took her out of Gotham City to protect her. She was sent to Sicily where she was looked after by her uncle and aunt. Her uncle Claudio then began to teach her in various skills such as archery and self defense where she began a life as a vigilante as she grew older. (Batgirl and the Birds of Prey v1 #4)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • The Huntress Helena Bertinelli was created by Joey Cavalieri and Joe Staton where she made her first appearance in The Huntress v1 #1 (April, 1989).
  • The character was based on the Pre-Crisis Helena Wayne that was created by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, Joe Orlando, and Bob Layton.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Justice League Unlimited, the Helena Bertinelli Huntress appeared in the animated series where she was voiced by actor Amy Acker.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the Helena Bertinelli Huntress appeared in the animated series where she was voiced by actor Tara Strong.
  • In Arrow, Helena Bertinelli appeared in the live-action series set in the Arrowverse where she was portrayed by actor Jessica De Gouw.


Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, the Helena Bertinelli Huntress appeared in the MMORPG where she was voiced by actor Claire Hamilton.
  • In DC Legends, the Helena Bertinelli Huntress appeared as a playable character in the iOS video game.


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