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Ho Yinsen in U.S.Avengers v1 #8.

Ho Yinsen is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



During the late 1980's, a Chinese woman that moved to Seattle met the brilliant Ho Yinsen who was a medical researcher with the pair getting married. Shortly afterwards, the two had a daughter who was named Toni Ho but their relationship broke down and despite their attempts the marriage collapsed. Yinsen returned to Timbetpal where he met another woman and had a son from that relationship leaving his first wife along with daughter in America. Despite the divorce, he kept in touch with his first wife and daughter to make sure the pair were well. (U.S.Avengers v1 #1) He kept in touch in letters, phone calls and occasional visits to her. (U.S.Avengers v1 #8)

Twelve individuals went before Yinsen and studied under him in the nation of Timbetpal until invading armies captured their teacher. (Iron Man v3 #31)

Whilst outside, he was kidnapped by a Black Widow operative of the Red Room where he was sent to the warlord Wong-Chu as part of his weapon development program. (Black Widow v6 #6) During Yinsen's capture, his top student Sun Tao accompanied his master where the pair were taken to Wong Chu's prison camp where they laboured. During that time, a captive American named Tony Stark was brought to the camp where he and Yinsen developed the Iron Man Armor allowing him to escape. During the event, Yinsen was mortally wounded and his body was buried by Sun Tao who returned to Timbetpal to inform his wife who died of a broken heart. Tao then gathered the remaining eleven students of Yinsen who became disciples of their masters teachings. They established themselves as a religious cult dedicated to their master with them taking the name of the Sons of Yinsen. From their masters journals and their combined intellect, they created a number of trite yet commercially viable concepts. Groups within the Western world paid a great deal of money for the patents and ideas that the group had created in this time. With tremendous wealth at their disposal, they began to put into practice the many theories Yinsen had in his life. During the building of his great work, the people of Timbetpal grew curious about the new faith and the Sons of Yinsen began to teach them leading to many converting to the new faith thus leading to them starting from twelve members to a group of thousands. The converts helped form a workforce that began working on a new city called New Timbetpal that was mobile and able to fly in the sky. Upon its completion, the Sons of Yinsen along with the new adherents journeyed into the sky as they sought to remove themselves from the evils of the world. (Iron Man Annual v1 2000)

After his death, the only surviving heir was Toni Ho who was his daughter. (New Avengers v4 #9) She was eleven years old at the time of her fathers death with her partly blaming Tony Stark for his demise. (U.S.Avengers v1 #8)


Personality and attributes

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  • Ho Yinsen was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Don Heck where he made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense v1 #39 (March 1963).

Alternate Versions

  • In the Marvel Adventures continuity, Gia-Bao Yinsen was a pacifistic inventor and professor from the city of Madripoor who criticized Tony Stark for allowing weapons Stark designed to fall into the hands of Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.), who are using the weapons to attack Madripoor.
  • In Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic (February 2014), an alternate timeline was shown where it was Yinsen who wore the Iron Man Armor instead of Stark who decided to sacrifice himself to allow the doctor to survive. Prior to his death, Stark asked Yinsen to rescue everyone from people like himself. As such, Yinsen became the armored superhero known as Rescue where at one point he battled his world's Defenders due to a misunderstanding but later joined their ranks. This reality version of Ho Yinsen was later revisited in Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders (2015) where he operated on Battleworld. On Battleworld, Ho Yinsen served as the Baron of his doom and had a daughter named Antonia Yinsen who operated as Kid Rescue.

In other media


  • In Iron Man, the character appeared as Wellington Yinsen in the 1994 animated television series where he was voiced by actor Neil Ross.
  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the character features in the episode "The Invincible Iron Man Part 2: Reborn". He was shown as being a Stark International medical specialist and the person responsible for repairing the damage to Tony Stark's heart after Howard Stark's plane crashed. Yinsen returned in the episode "Iron Monger Lives" after Howard was attacked with a poison by Head of Security O'Brian.


  • In Iron Man, Professor Yinsen made an appearance as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he was portrayed by actor Shaun Toub.

Video games

  • In Iron Man, Yinsen appeared in the video-game tie-in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie where he was once voiced by actor Shaun Toub.


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