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Hunter Zolomon as Zoom in Flash v2 #197.

Hunter Zolomon is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.




Battling Wally West in Flash v2 #199.

Hunter Zolomon

He was assigned to Precinct 242 at Keystone City where he met the Flash. (The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3)



Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. It was said that Hunter's father was a serial killer who killed his mother with him eventually getting caught for the crime. This event impacted Hunter's life as he dedicated his life to law enforcement and stopping the tragedy that impacted his life from hurting others. He graduated at the top of his class and became an FBI profiler where he tracked down other serial killers. During this time, he met a woman named Ashley with the two falling in love and getting married. Her father came to be Hunter's mentor with Zolomon on track to being the best profiler in the country. This was until a case against the notorious serial killer known as the Clown with Hunter believing the criminal did not use guns. This resulted in his mentor getting shot and killed by the Clown who used a firearm on this occasion with the incident scarring Hunter for the rest of his life. (The Flash v5 #80)

After being freed by the Reverse-Flash, he was taken to the future of the 25th century that was the home of Thawne. Once there, he was saved from the changes that were occurring in the timeline and his abilities were restored. This saw Zoom and the Reverse-Flash work together as they intended to target the objects of their respective obsessions namely Barry Allen and Wally West. Thawne believed that the Flash's would always disappoint them and would never become the heroes they needed them to be so the only alternative was to go back in time to make them suffer. In contrast, Zolomon believed that they needed to ensure the Flash's experienced tragedy which would compel them to aid them. This chain of events saw them take over the 25th century and control the temporal courts in that era. However, the contrasting views between Thawne and Zolomon saw the Reverse-Flash to decide to go on his own with him going into the past to make his plans into a reality. Despite his goals, he was seemingly killed in the 21st century with Zolomon blaming the Flash's for killing the man who saved him. Thus, Zoom decided to abandon his plan and instead bring about a war against both Flash's. (The Flash v5 #46)

When the Force Barrier collapsed, Zolomon was freed and he kidnapped the Still Force user in order to claim his power. He came to claim the power alongside the other Four Forces giving him access to the collective Forever Force. Hunter then intended to use his new powers to confront the Black Flash and slay it thus defeating death itself whereupon he could claim to be the greatest Flash in the Multiverse. (The Flash v5 #80) It was during this time that Barry Allen revealed to him that Eobard Thawne was responsible for giving the gun to the Clown and leading to the event that disgraced Hunters career. Zolomon then decided he needed to atone for his actions and asked Barry to find the real reason Thawne had shaped his life with tragedy. Hunter then decided to sacrifice himself to repair the Force Barrier as he empowered all of the four forces thus fixing the damage. This caused the Black Flash to disappear as the threat to the Speed Force had vanished. (The Flash v5 #81)


Personality and attributes

He resented the cane he had for making him slow. (The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3)

After becoming Zoom, he came to wish he and Wally stayed friends. (The Flash v5 #81)

Powers and abilities

Within the F.B.I., he specialised as a profiler specialising in Metahuman criminals. He was noted as the Rogue Specialist who was the best, brightest and youngest apparently in the agency. (The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3)

His powers allowed him to strike with the speed of light allowing him to hit with punches that hurt more than those given by Superman. (Wonder Woman v2 #214)


  • Hunter Zolomon was created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins where he made his first appearance in The Flash: Secret Files & Origins v1 #3 (November, 2001) and later debuted as Zoom in The Flash v2 #197 (June, 2003).

In other media


Zoom in The Flash.
  • In The Flash, the character of Zoom and Hunter Zolomon both appeared in the 2014 live-action television series second season set in the Arrowverse with a full backstory revealed in the episode "Versus Zoom". It was shown that Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2 as a boy witnessed his father kill his mother whereupon he was left at an orphanage. By adulthood, he had become a serial killer who was apprehended and sent to prison for electroconvulsive therapy when the Harrison Wells of his world had activated his particle accelerator experiment. The energy wave gave Zolomon access to the Speed Force and he became a Metahuman criminal called Zoom. In time, he began to use drugs named Velocity-6 to increase his power but this had fatally damaged his body which was slowly dying unless he found a cure by draining the Speed Force from a powerful speedster. He discovered the existence of the Multiverse and encountered another speedster from another Earth named Jay Garrick who he captured. Garrick was kept chained inside a cell but Zoom was unable to drain his powers to save himself. By this point, Zolomon took the identity of Jay Garrick who operated as a superhero that battled Zoom as part of his sadistic desire in giving hope to the people only to take it away. Hunter later attempted to control the Speed Force which reacted by sending time wraiths to claim him but he managed to evade the creatures. After a singularity opened a gateway to Earth-1, Zoom travelled to that world and learnt of the superhero Barry Allen who operated as his planet's Flash. Thus, as Zoom, he embarked on a plan to steal the Speed Force from him whilst as Jay Garrick he attempted to befriend him. His ultimate goal was to steal Barry Allen's speed to cure himself and conquer Earth-1. He later attempted to destroy the entire Multiverse except for Earth-1 which he planned to rule. In an attempt to get Barry to embrace his darkness, Zoom killed his father Henry Allen but Flash refused to kill his foe who was instead claimed by the time wraiths from the Speed Force. The Earth-1 counterpart of Zolomon continued his normal life and lacked the superpowers of his counterpart as shown in the episode "The Reverse-Flash". In the episode "Enter the Speed Force", Zolomon was shown as the Black Flash who resided in the Speed Force and was sent by it to punish Barry Allen when he journeyed into that dimension to rescue Wally West.

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