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The Immortal Weapons in Immortal Iron Fist v1 #22.

The Immortal Weapons are an organization that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Immortal Weapons were a group of skilled martial artists that were each the residents of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven such as K'un-Lun. These cities only manifested on Earth every ten years but every 88 years an alignment created a cosmic convergence among them. Such a time led to the formation of the Heart of Heaven composed of each city whereby they were to battle one another in a mighty tournament. These tournaments involved battles between each of the Immortal Weapons with the victor gaining the ascendance of their city in the celestial clockwork that led to their return to Earth. (Immortal Iron Fist v1 #8) Thousands of years ago, the original Immortal Weapons were responsible rounded up various demons, monsters and criminals that had plagued their people with them taking these prisoners to the newly constructed Eighth City. After completing their task, they placed a seal on the gate to that prison to ensure that none of its prisoners could escape. (Immortal Iron Fist v1 #22) However, K'un-Lun's first Iron Fist Quan Yaozu had to remain behind to prevent the demons from escaping the gateway leading to his capture and torture over the centuries within the hellish Eighth City. (Immortal Iron Fist v1 #25)

After learning of their history, Orson Randall stole the book of the Iron Fists in the vain hope that the legacy would die with him after he ran away from K'un-Lun. (Immortal Iron Fist v1 #5)

By the modern day, the time of the Tournament of Heavenly Cities came to pass requiring a battle between the Immortal Weapons. (Immortal Iron Fist v1 #6)

During Fear Itself, the Hammers of the Worthy descended onto the Earth where they awaited wielders to awaken them. One of them landed in the Eighth City where it broke it open and released its captives to Earth. This act summoned the Immortal Weapons who were all transported there to protect the city only for them to encounter Titania in her form as Skirn: Breaker of Men. The Immortal Weapons battled the villains but were unable to stop the Absorbing Man from claiming the hammer in the city leading to his transformation into Greithoth: Breaker of Wills. (Iron Man 2.0. v1 #6)


Conflict between Immortal Weapons before the tournament was forbidden. (Immortal Iron Fist v1 #8)


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  • The Immortal Weapons were created by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and David Aja where they made their first appearance in Immortal Iron Fist v1 #8 (October, 2007).

In other media


  • In Iron Fist, the Immortal Weapons were referenced by Bakuto in the live-action Netflix television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the episode "Black Tiger Steals Heart".


  • Immortal Iron Fist v1:
  • Iron Man 2.0. v1:

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