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The vampire Incognito.

Incognito is a vampire that features in the anime series Hellsing.



Incognito was a powerful true born vampire that hailed from the Dark Continent (a reference to Africa). Much of his early history was unknown except that he was a powerful supernatural creature he had learnt much of the dark arts. Furthermore, it was stated that he fell in service to unknown human masters and worked with them in creating FREAKS; artificial vampires created by the implantation of chips into their bodies with himself being used as the source code for their creation. Thus, indirectly, he was responsible for the growth of a large number of FREAKS in the United Kingdom that began terrorising the local population. The reason for this was unknown though it was said that his actions were fulfilling his human masters desires. Upon his arrival in England, the vampire Alucard was noted to had sensed his presence and showed glee in that he sensed his power to the point that he finally believed he found a worthy opponent to face. Incognito spent his time watching the actions of the Hellsing Organization before later starting his operations in the Baobhan Castle that was later attacked by the secret society. However, a tip off was given to the SAS who were informed that terrorists from the IRA were within the castle and thus forced the Hellsing Organization to depart. As the SAS 22nd Regiment went into the castle, they were all defeated by Incognito who turned the entire unit into FREAKS. He even spoke to one member of the unit and convinced him to accept the gift of becoming a vampire whereupon the FREAK chips entered the humans body and completed the process.

Afterwards, he intended to eliminate the head of the Hellsing family by calling upon the services of the Baobhan Sith called Bubbancy. He gave her the instructions to infiltrate the Hellsing Organization and turn Sir Integra Hellsing into a ghoul. To that end, Bubbancy used her bypnotic powers to make all humans around her believe that she was Sir Integra's sister despite the fact that she had no siblings. Whilst Bubbancy was in the process of killing Sir Integra, Incognito entered the Hellsing manor where he met with Alucard who had sensed his presence. Alucard asked for the mysterious vampires name to which he responded by saying Incognito with his opponent saying that his own name was a bit of an enigma. Immediately, Alucard knew that Incognito served a human master just like himself with the two exchanging weapon fire from man made guns. However, Incognito revealed his plan to eliminate Sir Integra and departed the mansion. His plan ultimately failed as whilst critically wounded by Bubbancy, Alucard managed to arrive in time to eliminate the Baobhan Sith and save his master.


Personality and attributes

Appearing with minimal clothes on, Incognito skin was mostly revealed though he tended to cover himself with a long coat. His body was covered in piercing and tattoos. The most distinctive feature was his heat which was somewhat elongated from the back and his right eye was completely circular as well as reddish in color. This vampire displayed a masochistic personality where he was said to welcome eternal pain and he claimed that death and destruction was all he lived for. Pain was stated to be his greatest pleasure. Furthermore, he stated that he would destroy everything and that he was born for no other purpose than to destroy all that is.

He displayed a sadistic personality when he captured Sir Integra Hellsing as he claimed that he wanted to hear her scream.

Powers and abilities


  • The character is seen only in the anime series of Hellsing and does not fear in the Manga. In the anime, he serves as the primary antagonist and final villain of the show.


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