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The Inner Demons in Amazing Spider-Man v5 #58.

The Inner Demons are an organization that features in Marvel Comics.



Mr. Negative's Tong in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #547.

The Inner Demons were a criminal organization that was created by Mister Negative.

Members of the Inner Demons were dispatched by Mister Negative to abduct Bruno Karnelli of the Karnelli family. The man was a secret ally of Mister Negative who believed that the new crime lord would help him become the head of the Maggia crime families. However, he was imply used as a means of eliminating the competition with the Inner Demons sent to translate the Lemurian formula on the Tablet of Death and Entropy to create a poison called the Devil's Breath. With Bruno, they began to harvest his blood to have the poison target only his family line among the Maggia. Spider-Man arrived at the scene to stop the Inner Demons from harvesting all of Karnelli's blood but they managed to escape where the infiltrated the Vandemeer Hotel that served as the site of the Maggia meeting after which they released the poison to kill the crime families inside. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #547) All genetic relatives of the Karnelli and Manfredi families at the scene died to the gas though those that had no blood ties were spared. The Inner Demons were then sent to eliminate the Maggia spouses and children who were being entertained at the circus where they intended to release the Devil's Breath gas. Despite it activating, their plans were thwarted by Spider-Man who managed to get the wives and children to safety. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #580)

The White Dragon along with his Dragon Lords came upon the Inner Demons where they claimed to represent the Hood who was taking over the criminal underworld. They arrived to threaten Mister Negative and claim tribute on behalf of their new master stating that all of Chinatown belonged to their new boss. Mister Negative simply agreed to be subservient and shook hands with the White Dragon where his corruptive touch took over the supervillain whereupon the mind controlled criminal was sent to attack the Hood's base. This saw him injure several supervillains before he was gunned down by the Hood who took it as a sign that Mister Negative and the Inner Demons refused to cede control of Chinatown to him. This saw the Hood's army of supervillains attacking the various holdings of Mister Negative in Chinatown with Hammerhead rallying the Inner Demons to hold them off. (Dark Reign: Mister Negative v1 #1)

The Inner Demons were later responsible for freeing and bringing Boomerang to Mister Negative. During this time, the vigilante Jackpot was in pursuit of Myers bringing her into conflict with the Inner Demons. She and Myers only managed to escape when Jackpot a gun to Mister Negative's head though the crime lord was not scared for his life but rather felt that the venture was no longer profitable for him which led to him letting the pair leave with their lives. (Web of Spider-Man v2 #11) In the chaos caused at Shadowland, Mister Negative sought to expand his criminal enterprises operations whilst the heroes battled the Hand but the Inner Demons faced opposition from Spider-Man and Shang-Chi. (Shadowland: Spider-Man v1 #1)

During the Avengers Vs. X-Men conflict, the Inner Demons moved to strike at a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. warehouse located by the New York Harbour that contained all the war machines recovered from the Red Skull's onslaught in Fear Itself. They managed to eliminate the guards but their attempted recovery operation was thwarted by Hawkeye and Spider-Woman after Jessica Drew received a type from Madame Hydra. (Avengers v4 #30)

The Inner Demons remained as one of the major criminal power blocs in New York where they attended a meeting among the other heads. This included the Goblin Nation and a faction represented by the Eel who had been defeated by the Black Cat Felicia Hardy who threw his body onto the meeting. She then proposed that she take over the Eel's territory as she was setting up herself as a new crime lord though Mister Negative refused to give her a place after her recent defeat by Spider-Man. She then decided to prove herself by intending to take down the Wall-Crawler publicly thus restoring her damaged reputation. (Amazing Spider-Man v3 #5)

Three weeks ago, the Inner Demons using a mind controlled Cloak and Dagger came to attack a Department of Justice prison transport in order to free Mister Negative. Martin Li attempted to stop them but they succeeded in bringing back their boss whereupon they decided to head to China. (Amazing Spider-Man v4 #6)

A group of Inner Demons attacked Parker Industries Shanghai headquarters where they began using the Shade drug to put the people under Mister Negative's control. The attack was made to claim the antidote for the drug that was developed by the company and wanted it destroyed so that they could improve Shade's effectiveness on people. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual v3 #1)

At some point, Mister Negative came to make contact with an entity called the Devourer that was native to the Darkforce dimension. He struck a deal with the creature whereby they targeted Cloak with the Inner Demons responsible for attracting his attention. (Cloak and Dagger: Negative Exposure - Marvel Digital Original v1 #3)

One day, the Martin Li persona within Mister Negative wrenched control over his body and fled the Inner Demons in order to seek out the Sin-Eater. The recently returned villain seemingly had the power of freeing a person of their more evil nature with Li wanting to escape the touch of Mister Negative. His wish was seemingly granted where he was freed from his evil side but this proved to be temporary. Returning to his body, Mister Negatve fought Martin Li for their only body. This saw Li lose consciousness on several occasions but he always managed to regain control over his body. However, in these brief moments, Mister Negative managed to make contact with his men to stage an attack in order to free him from Li. At this time, Martin had fled to the re-opened F.E.A.S.T. centre that was being managed by May Parker with the Inner Demons attacking the site leading to a battle with Spider-Man. (Amazing Spider-Man v5 #58) They overwhelmed Spider-Man with May Parker suffering the risk of being injured leading to 'Martin Li' deciding to give himself up. He then allowed his negative self to return leading to the restoration of Mister Negative. Feeling generous, he decided to spare Spider-Man and May Parker but at that point the authorities arrived at the scene at the direction of Mayor Fisk who arrested the Inner Demons. (Amazing Spider-Man v5 #59)


They were also known as Mr. Negative's Tong. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #619)

It was said that a healing factor was instilled among the Inner Demons that allowed them to get up after being injured in a fight. (Dark Reign: Mister Negative v1 #1) This made them a highly resilient force able to survive the most grievous of injuries and continue fighting. (Shadowland: Spider-Man v1 #1) Certain members were enhanced through some means that gave them super-strength and endurance with these becoming known as Brute Demons. (Cloak and Dagger: Negative Exposure - Marvel Digital Original v1 #1)

Items tied to the Inner Demons included:

  • Devil's Breath : a poison derived from a formula inscribed on the Lemurian Tablet of Death and Entropy. The mixture was capable of selectively targeting and killing anyone of a specific bloodline introduced into the poison. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 547)
  • Shade : a drug that chemically induced a refined version of Mister Negative's touch allowing it to corrupt a person allowing them to control them. (Amazing Spider-Man v4 #6)
  • Nanobacteria :
  • Fistigons : powerful gauntlets whose designs were stolen from a kid in Los Angeles. (Secret Avengers v1 #12.1)

It was known that travel agencies in Chinatown served as fronts for the Inner Demons snakehead human trafficking trade. (Dark Reign: Mister Negative v1 #1)


  • Mister Negative :
  • Neon Dragon : a male costumed masked supervillain who was a member of the Inner Demons and worked for Mister Negative. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual v3 #1)
  • Donald : a male weapon specialist who created advanced gear for his clientele that included the Inner Demons but was secretly selling information on them to the authorities in exchange for immunity where he was murdere by Mister Negative who uncovered his betrayal. (Secret Avengers v1 #12.1)
  • Overdrive : a superpowered individual who served as a courier. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #547)


  • The Inner Demons were created by Dan Slott and Steve McNiven where they made their first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #547 (March, 2008).

In other media


  • In Spider-Man, the Inner Demons appeared as antagonists in the setting of the 2019 animated television series where they debuted in the episode ""Brand New Day".

Video games

  • In Marvel's Spider-Man (2018), the Inner Demons appeared as antagonists in the setting of the 2018 video game.


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