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Xor and the Insectoids.

The Insectoids are an extradimensional machine insect race that features in Challenge of the GoBots.



The Insectoids were an alien race that were inhabitants of an entirely different dimension known as the 21st Level. Their history and origin was largely unknown though contact with the 1st Level which consisted of Earth came as a result of the war between the Guardians and Renegades from GoBotron. In an effort to defeat his enemies and conquer Earth, Cy-Kill had Dr. Braxis create a new device known as the Interfacer. This machine was able to open doorways to other dimensions and required an Oscillator Rod to operate. As a result, Crasher, Cop-Tur and Scales were deployed to Earth to acquire one. Once retrieved, Braxis began scanning the dimensions with Cy-Kill forcing his way onto the machine in order to access more dangerous creatures in the higher levels. He settled from the inhabitants of the 21st Level that happened to be the Insectoids and opened the dimensional portal to that realm above Earth. From the gateway, four Insectoid drones and their High Queen Xor arrived on Earth where they were confronted by the Guardians Scooter and Turbo. Whilst Cy-Kill delighted in the mayhem they created, the Insectoids moved to conquer the planet with Xor intending to become the new ruler of this dimension.


In appearance, they had insect-like characters such as compound yellow eyes, antennae and mandibles for mouths. Their bodies were seemingly mechanical in form and their size equaled that of a GoBot. Their armoured bodies appeared mechanical which were typically dark graish in colour mixed with a lighter grayish tone on their heads, arms as well as their legs. Their eyes were typically yellow in colour and it was where they were capable of shooting out powerful energy beams.

A drone.

They were seemingly divided into castes with different appearances and abilities which included:

  • Drones : these were the smallest of the Insectoids with stockier bodies, domed heads and reverse jointed legs. Their antenna were very small and appeared as two little stubs on their heads. A typical Drone tactic was to hop and ram their enemies which was quite a devastating action though one that could be turned against them through the proper use of magnetic energy nets which they struggled against. Simply stated, the easiest way to handle the drones was simply to get out of their way when they attempt to ram though this is easier said then done. The drones were completely loyal to their queen and followed their orders even when defeat was apparent or when they were outnumbered.
  • Warriors : the warriors had more pronounced armoured features which were capable of surviving GoBot weapon fire as well as bladed attacks like those of Cop-turs which barely dented their armour though ship cannons like those on Rogue-star could vaporize them. Insectoids were intelligent though somewhat single minded as well as capable of being outsmarted. Their nature meant that while pursuing their foes they did not take care to watch out for others of their kind which meant that they crashed into their own forces.
  • Queens : these were taller then the other castes and somewhat more feminine in appearance. They possessed a cowl by their necks making them more regal looking as well as longer antennae. Like the other castes, they were capable of shooting energy blasts from their eyes. In addition, they had psionic powers strong enough to move objects, resist dimensional portals by overloading the generators creating them and even severely damaging a starship the size of Roguestar. The only known member of this caste encountered was High Queen Xor, its unknown if she is the only member of this group or if there are others like her in her home dimension. They were quite intelligent and were aware of a science far above Humanity as dimensional technology was within their understanding.
Note: The above drone and warrior designations were not mentioned on the show and no official designation was given to these Insectoids thus making the names fan speculation.

The creatures were quite capable of understanding technology with the Queens at least aware of dimensional technology stating that the device that brought her to Earths realm was primitive yet effective. Insectoids were shown to possess their own language with the High Queen giving such commands to her subjects but also were able to speak other languages as well such as English.


  • Xor : female High Queen of the Insectoids who was the ruler of the 21st Level and after coming to Earth intended to rule that dimension as well.



  • Challenge of the GoBots: "Invasion from the 21st Level"

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