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Chairman Isaac Netero.

Isaac Netero is an anime character that features in Hunter x Hunter.



After learning of the threat of the Chimera Ants, Netero was tasked with eliminating the danger posed by the insects knowing full well that the governments of the world planned to blame the Association for any failures. He journeyed to the NGL territories where the Chimera Ants resided where he was accompanied by Morel and Knov. It was said that only a few strong fighters were to be sent as the Ants would devour weaker foes and inherit their abilities thus strengthening them further. They arrived to witness Killua carrying an unconscious Gon as the pair had escaped a Chimera Ants powerful Royal Guard warrior Neferpitou but they had to leave Kite behind. Whereas Morel believed these two junior Hunters were weak, Netero decided to pass the pair tokens and stated that they could only join the battle if they defeated Morel's pupils who also had tokens with them needing to defeat Killua and Gon in order to fight the Chimera Ants. Within the jungle, Netero determined that the emerging Chimera Ant King maybe too powerful to confront directly and the three Hunters decided to cut down the enemy forces slowly. Thus, they decided to eliminate the Chimera Ant squadrons one by one without revealing themselves or the nature of their Nen abilities. This saw Morel use his smoke power to cloud the sections of the woods where the Chimera Ant squadrons passed whereupon Knov used his portals to send the enemy into a closed off chamber to fight with Netero who effortlessly killed his opponents. Through such means, the Hunters managed to eliminate entire squadrons of Chimera Ants with the enemy struggling to combat this strategy.


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Despite his claims, Knov held the view that the older Netero was still much stronger than them.



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