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Jack Knight in Starman v2 #63.

Jack Knight is a male comic superhero who features in DC Comics.



Jack Knight

He later attended the funeral for the Sandman Wesley Dodds at the Valhalla Cemetery alongside the members of the Justice Society. The gathering was interrupted by Jared Stevens who was mortally wounded and died from his wounds. At that moment, the undead Sons of Anubis arrived in order to claim the artefacts of Fate leading to a fight with the superheroes leading to Jack Knight battling them. The defeated the undead mummies whereupon Scarab arrived who warned of a great threat and that only the JSA could help stop it. (JSA v1 #1) He later joined the Justice Society as they sought to find the Fate-Child that was being targeted by the mysterious Dark Lord with Jack Knight joining a team to Venice to examine one of three new born children to see if it was a prophecised child. (JSA v1 #2) Jack came to join the other Justice Society members as they sought to save the captive Fate-Child from the Dark Lord who was revealed to be Mordru. The sorcerer had taken the child to the Tower of Fate to claim the power of Doctor Fate when the Justice Society arrived. Jack Knight was among the many heroes that sought to stop Mordru but was easily overpowered by the villain. (JSA v1 #3)


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  • Jack Knight was created by James Robinson and Tony Harris where he made his first appearance in Zero Hour v1 #1 (September, 1994).


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