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The Janus Order is an organization that features in Trollhunters.



The Janus Order was a secret society of Changeling Trolls formed by Gunmar where he tasked them with securing his release from the Darklands.


In appearance, the Janus Order was a secretive organization whose true nature was not known to ordinary society. It was an ancient guild of Changeling spies that were noted for being as old as they were mysterious. The ranks of the Order were created when a Goblin abducted a human child who was replaced by a Changeling from the Darklands brought to the human world through a Fetch. The Fetch could open a small doorway into the Darklands allowing for a Changeling to come through where they took the identity of the child whilst the human offspring was left in the Gumm-Gumm home realm. Through unknown means, the child was kept young forever whilst the Changeling linked to them could maintain the disguise so long as the child remained alive. Changelings could only maintain the disguise of the child they replaced though certain members of their kind were Changeling Polymorphs who could take on various disguises and change shape as needed.

Agents were embedded within human society at various levels and on a global level. A hierarchy was shown to exist within the organization with a rank of Grand Commandant being used by some members.

Their kind were said to possess their own system of living in battle with these being the Changeling Code that said:

  • Rule #1 : There's honor among assassins.
  • Rule #2 : Rule #1 is a lie. There's no such thing as honor.
  • Rule #3 : Everything and everyone is a tool to get what you want.

Similar to their master, the Order also came to revere the Pale Lady and sought her guidance.

Secret transmissions were sent over the radio to communicate between the various branches of the Order and to its various agents with these making use of complex ciphers.

They were the creators of Creeper Sun that was a deadly poison which was able to turn any living being to stone if exposed to it. It could be coated onto weapons making a single cut from them incredibly deadly. Trollkind knew no cure for the poison though members of the Janus Order knew of the ingredients to create a cure allowing those cut by it to be restored to normal.


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  • The Janus Order featured in the setting of Trollhunters.
  • It was seemingly named after Janus of Roman Myth.


  • Trollhunters:

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