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The Jokers in We Are Robin v1 #8.

The Jokerz was a gang based in mid-21st-century Gotham City, who patterned themselves after the stylings of the past criminal known as the Joker. Their members have fought many times with the future's Batman. At least one gang even assisted the resurrected Joker himself later in this Batman's career.




Jokerz in Detective Comics v1 #868.

At Blue Skies, a gang of drug-crazed Jokerz emerged that attacked the occupants of the mall leading to a mad mob event. (Detective Comics v1 #867)

The New 52


They were considered delinquents that wore clown suits. (Detective Comics v1 #867)


  • The Jokerz were an original creation made by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini where they made their first appearance in the DC Animated Universe's Batman Beyond.
  • In the New 52, a gang based on the Jokerz featured in We Are Robin v1 (2015) but were called the Jokers but later called Jokerz.

Alternate Versions

  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us v1, the Joker Clan featured in the alternate reality setting based on the video game.
  • In Old Lady Harley v1 (2018), an alternate possible future was shown where the world was conquered by supervillains thus leaving the planet devastated and ruined. It was shown that a gang of criminals that modelled themselves on the Joker and called themselves the Laughing Boys Gang.

In other media


  • In the DC Animated Universe, Jokerz appeared in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Batman Beyond, the Jokerz were first introduced as part of the DC Animated Universe where they were shown to be a gang that idolized the Joker and arose by 2019. They were shown to rise by this era where they resided at Neo-Gotham.
    • In Justice League Unlimited, the Jokerz gang from Return of the Joker made a return appearance in the episode "The Once and Future Thing" two part episode. The gang served the time travelling Chronos had had ruled the distorted future of 2019 where they battled the time displaced heroes in that era. Each member of the gang had been modified to superhuman levels by Chronos allowing them to easily match the superheroes.


  • In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, a gang of Jokerz was shown to be aiding the reborn Joker.

Video games

  • In Gotham City Imposters, the Jokerz appeared as one of the factions in the video game. They were an amy of criminals that dressed up as the Joker who were enemies of the 'Bats' that were a gang who dressed up as Batman.
  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us, an unrelated group that idolized the Joker known as the Joker Clan were part of the background in the game. They were native to an alternate Earth where Superman went mad after the death of Lois Lane and established the One Earth Regime. On this world, he had killed the Joker and in the aftermath a group of dissidents that opposed his rule formed that were the Joker Clan with Harley Quinn being a high ranking member.


  • Detective Comics v1:
  • We Are Robin 1:

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