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Julie Madison is a female comic character that features in DC Comics.




The New 52

After the Flashpoint, history was altered with a new timeline of events emerging in the universe. Her father was mentioned as being a criminal named Mallory Madison who operated as a gunrunner. Julie's mother was said to had died young whilst her brother was killed at the hands of the Red Hood Gang. It was suspected that Mallory may had sold a gun to Joe Chill that was used to kill Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. Julie's father was later arrested and sent to jail for many years where she did not visit him. Due to his activities, Julie felt guilty and responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne's parents and wanted to tell him about her fathers actions. (Batman v2 #46) Julie Madison was mentioned as being an old girlfriend of Bruce Wayne. (Batman v2 #43) A flashback sequence showed that the two dated when they were classmates. (Batman v2 #30)

She later returned to Gotham City and intended to get back together with Bruce Wayne though he could not meet her as he was secretly battling crime as Batman. Alfred Pennyworth imagined a life for Bruce with Julie Madison with the two starting a family and Wayne abandoning life the life of a superhero vigilante. (Batman v2 #33) Following the Joker's Endgame virus, she found a seemingly dead Bruce Wayne washed up on the river and called Alfred Pennyworth. However, when the butler arrived, Bruce awoke but had no memories of his past. She later travelled to Wayne Manor to check up on him where he still did not remember his life before gaining consciousness. He decided that he wanted to do charity work and help people alongside Madison with the two working at the Lucius Fox Center for Gotham Youth. (Batman v2 #43)


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  • Julie Madison was created by Gardner Fox, Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff where she made her first appearance in Detective Comics v1 #31 (September 1939).

In other media


  • In the 1997 Batman and Robin, the character appeared in the film where she was portrayed by actor Elle Macpherson. Julie Madison was shown as being the girlfriend of Bruce Wayne where she appeared alongside him in public during events such as the unveiling of the giant telescope at the Gotham Observatory.


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