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Kain Arisugawa is a male character who features in ID-0.



Kain Arisugawa was a human male born in the era when mankind had developed interstellar spaceflight technology following the discovery of the rare mineral called Orichalt. He came to be a prominent scientist where he was responsible for creating the Mind Trance System using the mineral allowing a person to transfer their consciousness into large mecha known as I-Machines. Among these included live-testing through the use of animals with one being an endangered animal from the Cetus system called Fa-Loser who was sent into a mecha body.He came to work alongside two other scientists including Addams Forte Chevalier and Jennifer Records as they continued their experiments. At some point, he came to learn of the existence of wandering planetoids called Rajeev that was constructs from an advanced extraterrestrial species. The same race was believed to had created Orichalt and afterwards created the wandering planets to remove it from the cosmos. Arisugawa came upon a plan to combat Rajeev by removing Orichalt from the United Planet Alliance whose economy completely depended on the mineral which would have resulted in the death of 90% of the population. Kain also sought to do a human testing experiment that involved transplanting the mind of Jennifer Record's daughter Alice into Orichalt to create an Orillion. Alice was suffering from a degenerative disease that would have killed her with them deciding to send her consciousness into the Orichalt as a means of saving her.


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  • Kain Arisugawa featured in the setting of the ID-0 universe.


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