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Orichalt is a mineral that features in ID-0.



Orichalt ore.

Orichalt was a rare mineral that existed within the universe that had the ability to teleport between locations. It was believed to be an artificial creation by an unknown extraterrestrial race with it though that it was made as a means of communication. However, the species came to see Orichalt as a danger and created a construct known as Rajeev to wander the cosmos and remove it. After discovering it, mankind developed the capacity to become an interstellar civilization with ship drives operating with Orichalt and using them to perform Miguel Jumping. This led to various excavation companies launching expeditions to find and mine the substance with this being a risky business as the mineral produced waves of energy that could form turbulent storms in space. The scientist Kain Arisugawa through the use of Orichalt managed to develop the ability to transfer a persons consciousness from their body to another form with this being the basis of the Mind Trance System. This allowed for the creation of I-Machines that were mecha of various designs that could be inhabited by the consciousness of an operator. Orichalt in time became an important resource in the United Planet Alliance and its entire economy was derived from the mining of this material which led to various excavation companies forming whose purpose was mining Orichalt. A society of elites formed that made use of the Mind Trance technology to transplant their minds into clone bodies in an effort to become immortal with one person among these including Urakuo Hakubi.


In appearance, the mineral resembled red crystal that glowed with energy. Large veins of Orichalt were shown to be capable of teleporting entire planetoids across space.

Weaponised Orichalt could be deployed in missiles where they teleported targets from one location to another such as near a sun with this being deemed an expensive weapon.

It was possible to create bodies made of this mineral with such beings known as Orillions that could be used as a form for a consciousness. The wandering planets of Rajeev were known to hold a core of Orichalt that served as a vessel for the guiding intelligence of those constructs.


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  • Orichalt featured in the setting of ID-0.


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