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Kamacurases were giant praying mantises native to Sollgel Island. Originally roughly the same size as a full-grown human being, the mantises grew to roughly 150 feet tall after being exposed to an artificially induced radioactive storm started by Professor Kusumi and his team of scientists. In this state, the mantises, dubbed Kamacuras by reporter Goro Maki, made formidable foes for Godzilla. They were capable of flight and jumping great distances, as well as using their clawed forearms to fight with. There were three Kamacurases: the first two were killed in battle with Godzilla, while the third proved a constant nuisance to Godzilla and his offspring Minya until it fell victim to the giant spider Kumonga (Spiga). At least one more Kamacuras, however, has been seen on Monster Island.


In the English dub of Son of Godzilla, Goro names the giant insects Gimantises, a combined word of "mantis" and "giant."

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