Professor Kusumi

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Prof. Kusumi

Professor Kusumi was the lead scientist of the research station on Sollgel Island. It is unknown precisely what Kusumi's area of expertise was, since he and his team's experiments with climate conversion involved a number of differant scientific fields. Kusumi was a very secretive, quiet man, often trusting his second-in-command, Fujisaki, to speak to the men for him. He was also extremely strict, demanding absolute order and discipline from his subordinates: he especially did not like the intrusive reporter, Goro Maki, bothering him about his work.

Despite this, Kusumi was a good man deep down with noble goals, hoping his climate conversion technology would allow barren, uninhabitable wastelands to become fertile, allowing for the growing of crops to feed the planet's growing population. Unfortunately his experiments led to the creation of the giant Kamacurases, and after several encounters with the mutant mantids as well as the giant spider Kumonga and Godzilla himself, Kusumi was forced to use the climate conversion technology to freeze Sollgel Island (and the monsters) in order for him and his team to escape.

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