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Karnak in Secret Warriors v2 #5.

Karnak is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




Karnak Mander-Azur was a bald headed male member of the Inhumans. (Karnak v1 #2)

He was then enrolled at his fathers seminary at the Tower of Wisdom where he trained in the various physical and mental disciplines until he was eighteen years old. (Karnak v1 #2) Many years ago, the young royal joined his cousin Black Bolt in confronting the King of Attilan over the removal of the Slave Engine. Karnak believed its removal made the Inhumans weak and vulnerable to the dangers around them whilst the King felt the device was too dangerous to use. Thus, a coup occurred against the King who effortlessly defeated the young royals including Karnak except for Black Bolt who managed to depose the monarch. The former ruler was then taken outside Attilan where his name was stricken from the records and he was exiled from the city. (Mighty Avengers v1 #27) At some point, he had a son that was named Leer with the child being young and having never undergone Terrigenesis. (Secret Warriors v2 #5)

He joined the other members of the Royal Family in battling the Fantastic Four with Karnak starting hostilities by cutting a piece of wall with a strike and then throwing it at the Thing. The battle only ended when Crystal arrived where she revealed that Triton had been taken away by the Seeker. This led to Karnak joining the other members of the House of Agon as they joined together with Lockjaw who teleported them back to Attilan. (Fantastic Four v1 #46)


During Devos the Devastator's assault, the Inhumans and Avengers managed to push back his cybernetic hordes with Karnak rendering Devos himself unconscious. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #2)


Eight months later, he departed New Attilan and took the position of Magister as he headed the monastery of the second Tower of Wisdom. Once there, he led the monks as they passed on the philosophical teachings of his father. To sustain the monastery, he accepted missions from S.H.I.E.L.D. that involved a newly activated Nuhumans where he was tasked with guiding them through their change. One such assignment was being taken to the Arctic in order to rescue the Nuhuman Adam Roderick who had been taken by a cult called I.D.I.C. with Karnak tasked with the job of rehabilitating him. During this time, the Magister deduced an agent was a mole for I.D.I.C. and captured him where he forced him into revealing the cult's cell in Berlin. Field Director Phil Coulson helped rein in Karnak's attempts to kill the mole and later accompanied the Magister in the Roderick recover operation. (Karnak v1 #1)

With the Terrigen Mists gone, Karnak took his son Leer and provided him to Mister Sinister in the hope that the scientists experiments would give the boy greater power for a coming conflict. (Secret Warriors v2 #5) He had provided Essex with knowledge, equipment and his son as efforts to recreate Terrige but intended to break this agreement when the formula was nearing completion. This was because he had intended for Moon Girl to complete the formula thus ensuring that the Inhumans on Earth had a future. Karnak also believed that their people were in desperate need for leadership and determined that Moon Girl was to be their new monarch. Thus, he orchestrated events that caused chaos in New Attilan and brought down the Ennilux corporation with the goal of transferring all of it to Moon Girl. After Sinister was defeated, he offered this position to her but she refused with Karnak not realising that he was the flaw in this entire plan. As a result, the formula was destroyed rather than continue with the products of Sinister's research with Karnak being exiled for his actions. (Secret Warriors v2 #11)


Personality and attributes

Karnak Mander-Azur in IvX v1 #4.

He was also known as the Shatterer due to his ability. (Fantastic Four Annual v1 #12)

Such was his reputation that he was considered the most dangerous of the Inhumans. (Uncanny X-Men v4 #16)

Karnak was known to had mated and had a son by the name of Leer. He had the ability of amplifying the powers of other Inhumans. (Secret Warriors v2 #5)

Powers and abilities

The Shatterer in Inhumanity v1 #1.

The Priests of the Weeping Tower was noted to had also taught him the ways of martial arts from infancy. (Uncanny X-Men: First Class v1 #2)

By using his ability, he was able to perceive fragments of the future and witness calamity before it occurred though the weight of this knowledge once made him consider suicide. (Inhumanity v1 #1)

A central location for him was the Tower of Wisdom that served as a religious commune among the Inhumans. (Karnak v1 #1) Within his monastery, he had by with him numerous other disciples that were known as the Friends of the Tower with all these being Inhumans. (Civil War II: Ulysses v1 #2)


  • Karnak was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where he made his first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #45 (December, 1965).

Alternate Versions

  • In Fantastic Four v2 #13 (1997), an alternate version of Karnak was shown in the short merger between the Wildstorm and Marvel universes. Changes led to the emergence of World War 3 where mankind was facing an invasion from the combined forces of the Daemonites and the Skrulls who sided with Doctor Doom. During this assault, Attilan was destroyed and Karnak joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Black Knights unit that included Dane Whitman.

In other media


  • In Fantastic Four, Karnak appeared in the 1978 animated television series in the episode "Medusa and the Inhumans" where he was voiced by actor John Stephenson.
  • In Fantastic Four, Karnak appeared in the 1990s animated television series where he was voiced by actor Clyde Kusatsu.
  • In Inhumans, Karnak appeared in the live-action television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he was portrayed by actor Ken Leung.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Karnak appeared as a non-playable character in the video game.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Karnak appeared as a heroic character in the Facebook video game.
  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, Karnak appeared as a playable character in the mobile phone game.


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