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Keith Black is a male character who features in Project ARMS.



Keith Black was a male member of Keith Series who was a clone of the Egrigori scientist Keith White.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Keith Black resembled his genetic progenitor as he was a white male with blonde hair. During his younger years, his hair was short but by adulthood he had grown it longer.

He claimed that he was able to hear the will of Alice and was dedicated in bringing that to fruition. This was the hatred felt by Alice in her dying moments that took a life of its own within Azazel with Black looking to bring about the end of the world.

Powers and abilities

Due to his unique genetics, Keith was compatible with the ARMS and was implanted with one in his right limb. He was provided with one that was designated as Humpty Dumpty that had the ability to absorb the qualities of anything it consumed. Thus, it had the power of replicating the unique abilities of the other ARMS among the Keith Series.


  • Keith Black was created by Ryoji Minagawa where he featured in Project ARMS.


  • Project ARMS:

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