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The Keith Series.

The Keith Series are a group of clones that feature in Project ARMS.



The Keith Series were a group of clones created by the Egrigori and created from the genetic material of Keith White. The first of the clones was designated as Zero but took the name of Keith Black. He would be implanted with one of the manufactured ARMS but unknown to anyone he became influenced by Alice. At this point, Alice had intense feelings of anger and hatred over the circumstances of her death. As a result, she felt nothing but hatred to mankind which Keith shared as well who desired to eliminate mankind with Black and Alice ruling over the world that followed. Among his first acts was his apparent killing of his genetic father Keith White and purging the facility whereupon the Egrigori were reformed under his control. One of the clones named Keith Blue was given the ARMS but the implantation caused damage to his body thus forcing him to have a limiter as a transformation would lead to his eventual death. He later departed the ranks of the Egrigori and formed the Bluemen in order to destroy the organization that made him. The Bluemen were responsible for stealing the four original ARMS core chips which they implanted in genetically engineered children as part of their plans against the Egrigori. Keith Black was dispatched with recovering the children but they had all be scattered to different locations to be raised by adoptive parents.

Many years later, the Egrigori came to learn of the ARMS children's existence and dispatched Keith Red with recovering them. Red was ultimately killed by the White Knight whereupon the Keith Series revealed their existence to the ARMS children who decided to take the battle to their foe leading to them going to America. It was there that Keith Silver attacked them at a town that was a Egrigori research facility whose personnel were looking to rebel against the organization. Despite Silver's power, the Mad Hatter was ultimately defeated by the Jabberwock allowing for the ARMS subjects to escape. Keith Violet confronted Ryo Takatsuki in order to eliminate him as she believed he would succumb to the Jabberwock to destroy the world. However, she was ultimately convinced to change her mind and she decided to ally with them.

At Karrion Fortress, the badly wounded Keith Green teleported to Ryo Takatsuki and transported him deeper into the facility where Black held Katsumi. Katsumi and Takatsuki were reunited whilst Green died holding back Keith Black who absorbed him body. This would lead to the struggle between Black and Takatsuki with Keith seeking to awaken the Jabberwock Program as per Alice's wishes. Ryo would resist this urge and kept his ARMS under his control where he sent a clawed limb into Black's chest seemingly mortally wounding him. Keith Black would die but from his body Keith White was reborn as when he was slain by his clone the Humpty Dumpty ARMS absorbed his essence as per its ability. This left White deep within Keith Black's psyche waiting for his plan to come to fruit and manipulating events from the sidelines. During the fight with Takatsuki, White would teleport Katsumi in his place and an unaware Ryo accidently speared her with his clawed limb. In despair at her death, Ryo would succumb to the Jabberwock Program that united with Azazel to create a giant version of Jabberwock to destroy Earth. Keith White intended to merge with this entity and become he god of Earth following its destruction.


In appearance, each of the Keith Series were somewhat identical to one another in appearance though not all were of the same gender. Thus, they all appeared to be white males and had blonde hair though they each had different personalities. It was said that they were engineered to be able to bond with the ARMS implants. Each of the clones was said to had been programmed with a different directive all of which were designed to fulfill Alice's will.


  • Keith Black : the first clone initially designated as Zero before adopting the name of Keith Black where he was implanted with the ARMS Humpty Dumpty that had the power to absorb the traits of others whereupon he came to Alice's will leading him to kill Keith White though in actuality White was absorbed into his body.
  • Keith Green : Implanted with the ARMS known as Cheshire Cat.
  • Keith Violet : a female clone implanted with the ARMS known as March Hare.
  • Keith Silver : Implanted with the ARMS known as Mad Hatter.
  • Keith Red : Implanted with the ARMS known as Griffin.
  • Keith Blue : the second clone created who was initially known as Edward who was close to Zero and was implanted with the ARMS known as Dormouse. His implantation would damage his body and transformation into his ARMS form would kill him meaning he could only do it once. Blue would leave the Egrigori after seeing the evil of the organization and form a resistance movement known as the Bluemen.


  • The Keith Series were created by Ryoji Minagawa and featured in the setting of Project ARMS.


  • Project ARMS:

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