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Keith Green.

Keith Green is a male clone character that features in Project ARMS.



Keith Green was a male clone in the Keith Series created by the Egrigori and grown from the genetic material of his donor, Keith White. After the implantation of his ARMS, Keith White was known to had spent sometime with Green in order to train him in the use of his implant. He was first seen by the four original ARMS children when he and the other Keith Series came by helicopter to witness the defeat of Keith Red as well as his Redcap army at Aisora City. At the time, the Keith's had Ryo Takatsuki's love interest Katsumi with them and departed the scene thus daring the ARMS children to follow them to America. In the United States, Katsumi would be kept captive at Carrion Fortress though treated well where she was regularly visited by Keith Green who had fallen in love with her.


Personality and attributes

The Cheshire Cat.

In his ARMS form, he did not want those he lived to see him in this monstrous state. When he battled Keith Black, he was forced to transform but begged Katsumi to not look at him and was mortified when she saw his form.

Green normally portrayed himself as a courteous and civilized individual though was actually quite deceptive as well as had a ruthless streak. He was shown to be cunning, powerful and enjoying slaughtering his enemies.

Powers and abilities

Though appearing human, Green had an ARMS implanted in his body that afforded his powers beyond that of a normal human being. In his human form, he was able to use his abilities to bend space and time giving him the capacity to fly as well as teleport. He could also create great gnashes across any surface with just a wave of his hand and badly wounded Jabberwock through this technique The height of his abilities allowed him to transform into an inhuman creature known as the Cheshire Cat. This much more monstrous form that had numerous blades on his tail which he could use his teleportation abilities to amplify their attack. The ultimate manifestation of his space-time manipulation was the capacity to create more rips in space with this technique being known as Ansara. He also was able to use his powers to make almost anything simply vanish.


  • The character was voiced in the Japanese anime adaptation by Kisaichi Atsushi and in the English adaptation by Andrew Francis.


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