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Kibito was the aide to the East Supreme Kai, a powerful warrior and healer. He played a major role in the effort to stop Babidi, even though he spent the latter half of the crisis dead after being destroyed with a single blast by Dabura. He was resurrected by the Earth Dragon Balls, and managed to save the lives of Gohan and his superior after they sustained critical injuries fighting Majin Buu.

Kibito accompanied the Supreme Kai and Gohan to the homeworld of the Kais, but quickly showed irritation when Gohan was chosen to carry the Z Sword, thinking him unworthy. However, he soon changed his mind when Gohan showed obvious skill with the weapon. Kibito fused with the East Supreme Kai to form Kibitokai when they were used by the Elder Kai to demonstrate the power of the Kai Earrings.

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