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Majin Buu is a demonic creature that features in Dragon Ball Z.



Majin Buu (5 million years ago - May 8, 774) was one of the Z Warriors' most powerful and dangerous enemies. The small, child-sized Majin Buu was created by the evil wizard Bibidi 5 million years ago, and he used it to terrorize the universe. Endowed with vast power and fighting skills, as well as a malleable and nearly indestructible body, Buu was able to destroy entire cities or even planets with ease. Following Bibidi's will- while it amused him to do so- he battled the Supreme Kais, slaying the Kais of the North and West. Buu attacked the South Supreme Kai, who gave him enough of a challenge that Buu used one of his most dangerous powers for the first time- he absorbed the South Kai, adding his power to his own and becoming a musclebound monster.
Fat Buu.

In this new form, Buu attacked the last of the Supreme Kais, the East Kai, who was saved by the Grand Supreme Kai. As the Grand Supreme Kai's power easily sliced Buu into pieces, Buu decided to absorb him as well- becoming a fat, child-like creature. The Grand Kai's absorption reduced Buu's power (due to the dilution of Buu's pure evil by the Grand Supreme Kai's goodness); it also made him harder for Bibidi to control, who had to tempt him with sweets and use magic to imprison him in a sphere on occasion. On one such period within the sphere, Bibidi was killed by the East Supreme Kai, who buried Buu's sphere on Earth.

Many years later, Bibidi's son Babidi came to Earth, and located Buu's sphere. Using the energy generated by the battles of his Majin servants- including Majin Vegeta- Babidi was able to revive Buu, whom he planned to use to conquer the universe. Buu's first opponents were Dabura (whom he turned into a cookie and ate), Gohan and the East Supreme Kai (both of which he easily defeated). Buu next battled Vegeta, having shaken off Babidi's influence, who managed to temporarily destroy Buu at the cost of his life.

Babidi soon had just as much trouble controlling Buu as his father did, only able to keep him in line by threatening to reimprison him. After Buu battled Super Saiyan 3 Goku, he became fed up with Babidi and killed him. Striking out on his own, he began destroying cities on whim, as well as battling Gotenks. However, Buu also began to experience odd bursts of conscience, healing a young blind boy. Finally, he met Hercule Satan, who befriended him, and adopted a puppy, Bee. Hercule made him promise not to kill anyone else, which Buu happily agreed to. However, when the gunman Van Zandt shot Bee, Buu was turn between his newfound friendships and his desire for revenge. This conflict split Buu in two- one half, identical to the good Majin Buu, became Mister Buu, while the other (known as Evil Buu) represented the weakened evil of the true Majin Buu. Evil Buu killed Van Zandt, and the two halves of Buu battled. Unfortunately, Evil Buu was victorious, devouring his good half. The new version of Majin Buu (known as Super Buu) resembled an "adult" version of Buu's original form.

Super Buu after absorbing Gohan.

Although restrained (at first) from harming Hercule or Bee due to the influence of Mr. Buu, Super Buu wreaked havoc across Earth, using a powerful attack to slay every other living being on the planet. Looking for entertainment, Super Buu battled Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but when Piccolo became worried that Gotenks would lose, he destroyed their way back to the real world, hoping to trap them all there. Desperate, Buu tapped into his full power and ripped a fissure in the dimensional fabric of the Chamber, breaking out. Once on the Lookout again, Buu was in a frenzy, turning all the people on the Lookout into food and eating them before Gotenks and Piccolo could escape and follow him. Soon afterward, Gohan arrived to fight Super Buu, and nearly defeated him, leading Buu to absorb Piccolo and Gotenks. With Gotenks' power and Piccolo's fighting skills, Gohan was severely outclassed, until Goku arrived.

The original Majin Buu, Kid Buu.

Goku planned to use the Kai Earrings to fuse with Gohan into a super-warrior, but Buu- having lost much of his strength when Gotenks' fusion wore off- prevented that by absorbing Gohan, attaining the peak of his power. Goku managed to fuse with a temporarily resurrected Vegeta, forming Vegito, who easily thrashed an increasingly angry Buu. Allowing Buu to absorb him (but not assimilate him), Vegito was split back into Goku and Vegeta, who freed Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks and Goten. They also ripped out Mr. Buu, despite Super Buu's attempts to stop them, resulting in his reversion to the original Buu- Kid Buu. Psychotically destructive, the reborn Kid Buu destroyed Earth and numerous other worlds, searching for anyone he could fight. In a face-off at the Supreme Kais' planet, Goku and Vegeta (and, briefly, Mr. Buu) battled him, but were unable to stop him more than briefly. Goku was finally able to destroy Buu by drawing on the people of Earth to create the most powerful Spirit Bomb ever- despite his resistance, Buu was finally wiped out.

He was then invited to Bulma's birthday party where among the attendees was the God of Destruction Beerus. The two had an argument when the god-like being wanted a pudding dessert that Buu refused to share with Beerus.


Personality and attributes

Majin Buu was a demonic being whose form varied depending on which incarnation was created. The common characteristics were that he had a pinkskin, black eyes with red pupils, a tail like structure on his forehead and several holes on the top of his head.

Powers and abilities

Majin's Buu scream attack.

The creature that was Majin Buu had a wide range of abilities at his disposal and was potentially the most powerful opponent in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

He had a large number of energy attacks which he was capable of doing by the manipulation of his Ki energy. These blasts of Ki energy typically took the form of pinkish strikes. The sheer nature of his ability meant that his Ki was incredibly powerful as evident when Gohan Buu in anger began screaming with the sheer strength of his cry ripping apart reality and the planet around him.

One notable extension of this ability was the Human Extinction Attack which the Adult Majin Buu unleashed on the Human race after he grew bored of waiting for Gotenks. By lifting a single hand into the air, Majin Buu was able to direct dozens of Ki blasts that encompassed the globe and killed every single Human being on the planet Earth. Only those that were skilled fighters were able to avoid the attack and those that subconsciously Majin Buu wanted to allow to live. The ultimate attack of Majin Buu was capable of charging a massive Ki energy ball which he only demonstrated in his Kid Buu form. This large energy attack was done so on a single hand and thrown into the planet where its destructive power easily destroyed a world and everything on it; including Majin Buu.

One of Majin Buu's more powerful abilities was the capacity to regenerate from even the smallest part of his body which rapidly recreated him. Through this, he was capable of surviving most forms of attacks made against him which included a large Ki blast that destroyed the one who used it. In addition to this, he was even easily capable of surviving an Ki attack that was destroyed a planet as a single sample of himself would reform at a rapid rate.

A notable link to his regeneration was his absorption attack. His pinkish skin had a malleable nature to it as it was capable of either hardening or turning into a soft liquid styled substance. As such, he was able to turn into an amorphous mass allowing him to encompass a Humanoid enemy and literally absorb them into his body. He was also equally capable of doing this either parts of his body if they were separated from him and through his mental control he was able to direct these limbs which expanded when they reached an enemy. His absorption powers made Majin Buu very dangerous as he gained all the strengths of the enemies he absorped thus potentially growing stronger and stronger. However, a notable problem with this was that with each absorption, his personality changed and hosts who were of good character were capable of influencing the resultant Majin Buu as was the case with Fat Buu. Equally, new bodies that were absorbed also increased his intelligence.

There were a number of additional abilities Majin Buu possessed which varied depending on the form. In the Fat Buu and Gohan form, he was able to fire a Ki attack from the tail like structure on his head. Through this, he was capable of turning an enemy into a type of candy or chocalate. The helpless enemy was powerless whilst Majin Buu ate them and gained their powers. However, a sufficiently powerful enemy was capable of retaining their power even whilst they were in candy form.

In addition to this, he demonstrated an ability in his original Kid Buu form which appeared to have been lost upon his transformation into other forms. This was the capacity to copy any ability by simply observing it. All it required was a single moment the enemy using this power and Kid Buu was capable of copying it and using it extensively.


Fat Buu

Evil Buu

Super Buu

Super Buu's original form.

Super Buu was created when Evil Buu redirected Fat Buu's candy beam back at himself. Taking the Fat Buu candy and eating it, Evil Buu went through a transformation which led to the formation of Super Buu. Taller and thinner, this Buu was more evil and destructive then the previous forms with the desire of only fighting worthy fighters. His vocabulary is more limited

Super Buu was capable of absorbing enemies thus increasing his powers and intelligence. Taking over Gotenks and Piccollo, Super Buu was capable of fighting a powered up Gohan easily. However, when fighting against a powered Goku, Super Buu absorbed Gohan adding to his power once more.

Kid Buu

Kid Buu in battle.

The original true form of Majin Buu and perhaps the most powerful of them all. This form was a smaller version of the original Super Buu but was even more powerful possibly suggesting that absorption of his enemies actually diluted his powers. Unlike the previous forms, this Majin Buu never spoke and was a pure fighting machine that delighted in the destruction it caused. It was also capable of mimicking enemy combatant moves by simply observing them.


  • Majin Buu was created by Akira Toriyama and was introduced as the major antagonist in the final arc of Dragonball Z.

Alternate Versions

  • In Dragon Ball GT, Buu appeared in the alternate continuity setting where he remained in the company of Hercule whilst the evil part of him was reborn as a powerful human fighter named Oob.

In other media

Video games

  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Fat Buu and Kid Buu appeared as playable characters in the video game.
  • In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Fat Buu, Super Buu and Kid Buu appeared as playable characters in the fighting video game.


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