King Moai

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King Moai

King Moai was the ruler of Arlia, who took control of the planet by force. He stole Lemlia from her would-be husband Atla on the day they were to be married, and forced her to marry him instead or else he would kill Atla. A sadistic tyrant, Moai loved to watch his own men battle one another to the death in an arena setting. If the loser survived, he was thrown into "the pit" and fed to Yenni.

One day, the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta stopped by for a visit. Moai, who at the time was suffering from "royal boredom," was intrigued by their appearance and thought the aliens would make for a good show. He pitted them against his best fighter, Esau, but Vegeta easily killed him. Angered, Moai sent all of his men at the Saiyans, but they defeated each one of them. The now terrified Moai unleashed Yenni from the pit as a last ditch effort, but they killed him too. In trying to flee, Moai was killed by a blast from Vegeta that caused his own throne to fall onto him and crushed his head.

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