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A Saiyan who accompanied Vegeta to Earth for the purpose of obtaining the Dragon Balls, Nappa was bald and had a thin mustache. Nappa considered himself and Vegeta to be "partners," despite the fact that Nappa was much the weaker of the two. Prior to the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Nappa had been the commander-in-chief of the entire Saiyan army under King Vegeta, although early on he feared and respected the power of the young prince, whose strength exceeded that of even the king's. Following the planet's destruction by Frieza, Nappa stuck by Vegeta's side and did most of the dirty work that didn't involve much intelligence, while Vegeta did the rest. Although he was not stupid, Nappa was not particularly brainy either, and when his temper flared, he often lost control of himself, particularly when an opponent proved to be stronger than he in combat.

Upon arriving on Earth, Nappa promptly destroyed the entire city that he and Vegeta landed in, destroying all signs of life for a twenty mile radius. During the ensuing battle with the Z Warriors he cut off Tien's arm and destroyed several news helicopters that ventured too close. Chiaotzu, in an attempt to destroy the mighty Saiyan, latched onto Nappa's back and blew himself up. Unfortunately, Nappa was practically untouchable with a power level of 4,000 and was unaffected. When Vegeta ordered Nappa to take a three-hour break to wait for Goku, Nappa decided to have a little fun and flew out to the coast to pick a fight with Earth's military forces. The Saiyan blasted his way through fighter jets and destroyed the entire fleet of battleships that attacked him.

As an elite Saiyan, Nappa had evolved a bit and was thus not subject to minor problems like Raditz was when his tail was grabbed. Not knowing this, Piccolo attempted to restrain him by seizing his tail, but Nappa only punched his lights out. Nappa then nearly killed Gohan with a huge ki blast, but Piccolo leapt in the path of the attack and took the hit himself, saving his student.

When the time finally came to face off against Goku, Nappa quickly began to lose his cool when it became apparent that the younger Saiyan was more powerful than he and Vegeta had anticipated. Having quite a potty mouth, Nappa cursed at Goku nonstop as the third-class Saiyan warrior made him look like a fool at every turn, much to the consternation of Vegeta, who ordered his colleague to stop fighting and settle down. Too angry to think straight, Nappa obeyed Vegeta, but only partially. Although he stopped fighting Goku, the hulking Saiyan mistakenly decided to release his rage by killing the wounded Gohan and Krillin. Goku, using the Kaio-Ken technique taught to him by King Kai, intercepted Nappa and finally took the other Saiyan out by breaking his back. Vegeta then surprised everyone by turning on his "partner," killing him in disgust over his humiliating defeat. The ruthless prince threw the helpless Nappa into the air and then blasted him into oblivion with a powerful ki blast.


Dragon Ball GT

Years later, Nappa would return when Hell (HFIL) broke lose upon the Earth. Nappa wanted revenge on Vegeta for killing him, but his power level had not changed one bit during his years spent in the afterlife and Vegeta was still the more powerful of the two (especially considering that Vegeta himself had increased astronomically since killing Nappa). It is unclear whether or not he actually thought he had a chance against the prince. Either way, with a smile, Vegeta simply blew him away again.

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