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Komodo is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.



Simon Lacroix was a male human that was born into poverty who had nothing but his ambition and his smarts. He eventually joined Queen Industries where he managed to rise up in the ranks of the company. Lacroix had attracted the attention of the company's head Robert Queen who had been disappointed in his own teenage son who was living the life of a spoilt child with no other interests beyond his own enjoyment. As a result, Lacroix was made into Robert's protégé in both business and eventually in the quest for the Arrow Totem. Simon accompanied Robert Queen and Walter Emerson on the expedition to the Island in search for the legendary original home of the Arrow Clan as detailed in one of Queen's ancestors vault. (Green Arrow v5 #21)

Despite his efforts, he had not found the Arrow Totem which he desired in the quest for enlightenment. He also sought membership into the Outsider Clans and was working with rogue members in the group to achieve that goal. (Green Arrow v5 #21)

At some point, he raided Q-Core in order to plunder it of its arsenal of Trick Arrows for his own use. Perched on a building opposite Queen Industries, Komodo shot an arrow into the back of CEO Emerson and forced him out of the window when he was having a private meeting with Oliver Queen. This gave the impression tot he security staff that Oliver had pushed Emerson out the window and killed him. Komodo then fought Green Arrow on the rooftops with a fight emerging between the two archers. Despite the Green Arrows skill, he was overpowered by Komodo who nearly killed him but Oliver was saved by the intervention of Magus. (Green Arrow v5 #17) He later had Stellmoor attempt a take-over of Queen Industries whilst secretly torturing Q-Core employees Naomi and Jax with him killing the latter. Through Naomi, he learnt that Oliver had returned to Queen Tower where he was present as the police were pursuing the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow attempted to flee on a rope line only for Komodo to sever it sending him falling seemingly to his death. (Green Arrow v5 #18)


Personality and attributes

He was impressed with the ingenuity of the Trick Arrows used by the Green Arrow but felt that a true archer did not need gimmicks. (Green Arrow v5 #17)

LaCroix demonstrated a somewhat fatherly attitude to Emiko stating that she was his weakness. He did not shield her though from his actions as Komodo with him even allowing her to attend as he tortured captives and killed them. (Green Arrow v5 #18)

Powers and abilities

He was noted for his fast reflexes allowing him to rapidly fire his bow. (Green Arrow v5 #17)

Among the people that worked for him and were aware of his true identity was a person named Mr. Kryp who tended to his needs such as informing him of meetings with the board of directors. (Green Arrow v5 #18)

He came to manage a company known as Stellmoor. (Green Arrow v5 #18)


  • Komodo was created by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino where he made his first appearance in Green Arrow v5 #17 (April, 2013).


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