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Kosh Naranek is an alien television character that features in Babylon 5.



During the height of the Earth-Minbari War, Delenn was asked to go to Dukhat's former chambers. Once there, both Kosh and Ulkesh revealed themselves to her with the former stating his name. When asked what he was doing there, Kosh stated that they were creating the future and played a holographic recording of Dukhat that was to be sent to his successor in case of his death.

Sheridan confronted Kosh in order to ask for his assistance in battling the Shadows as he needed a victory to prove that their foe was not invincible to the other races. However, Kosh refused stating that it was not yet time to intervene and that they were not ready. A frustrated and angry Sheridan decided to force the matter where he refused to back down unless the Vorlon relented. After being insulted by Sheridan, Kosh struck out at the impudent human who stated that he did not care if he died at the hands of the Vorlon as he was dead either way from the multitude of threats he was facing. The Vorlon Ambassador ultimately relented and agreed to provide assistance to Sheridan but warned that if he did so then he would not be with him at Z'ha'dum. Sheridan mistakenly believed that Kosh was punishing him for defying him but the Vorlon stated that he did not understand but would do so in time. Afterwards, a Vorlon fleet moved in to engage a Shadow squadron who were all destroyed in the process. This prompted official hostilities between the Vorlons and the Shadows in the Shadow War. As a result, Morden long with his cloaked Shadow associates moved in secret to Kosh's quarters where they killed him. In his final moments, he telepathically appeared in Sheridan's dream as his father where he said he was sorry for what had happened before after which he died. Despite his death, a portion of Kosh's essence remained behind inside of Sheridan with the human being unaware of the Vorlon inside of him.

Following his death, the Vorlon Empire dispatched a new Ambassador named Ulkesh to replace Kosh. However, the truth of Kosh's demise was kept secret and instead the story was that he had simply changed his encounter suit.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

When angered, his power was capable of being registered as a non-localised phenomena by a younger race's sensors though they could not pinpoint the location.


  • Kosh Naranek was played by Jeffrey Willerth who was the puppeteer and Ardwight Chamberlain provided the voice.


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