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Kraata-Kal in BIONICLE: Dark Hunters.

Kraata-Kal is a male villain character who features in BIONICLE (Generation 1).



Kraata-Kal was created when Makuta Teridax exposed a Kraata to the same substance that was used to transform Krana into Krana-Kal. The result, Kraata-Kal, held much higher intelligence than an average Kraata and a wider array of powers, so Teridax employed him in his service and constructed a unique suit of armor for him that included a number of unique weapons. Kraata-Kal served Teridax for some time, but eventually became disillusioned with the Makuta and escaped his service.

Kraata-Kal was later recruited by the Dark Hunters and put to work in the field, but his ambition often led him to ignore mission objectives in pursuit of his own personal profit. The Shadowed One once had Vezok damage Kraata-Kal's armor as punishment.

When the Piraka defected from the Dark Hunters, Kraata-Kal, Amphibax, and Sentrakh were ordered to hunt them down, but the three Dark Hunters abandoned their mission when the cord that tethered Voya Nui to Mahri Nui was destroyed and Voya Nui settled into its former position at the center of the Southern Continent. Instead, the trio returned to Odina, but were later relocated to Xia at the Shadowed One's behest.

When the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Kraata-Kal and the other surviving Dark Hunters emigrated from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna.


Personality and attributes

Being a transformed Kraata, Kraata-Kal's natural form is composed entirely of organic antidermis while his armored suit is composed of protosteel. His extreme intelligence and ambition causes him to be very stubborn and rebellious.

Powers and abilities

Somehow, Kraata-Kal's transformation granted him some control over the elements of Shadow, Fire, and Water. Though he wields both a double-bladed flame sword and a Kanoka Disk Launcher, his armored suit is fitted with additional blades, teeth, and claws for use in close-range combat.


  • The Kraata-Kal model was created by Morgan Alfrejd, known on BIONICLE fansite BZPower as "Makuta/nuva/kal", and entered into the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest in 2005. Kraata-Kal was one of the winning entries and was subsequently given an official storyline role by Greg Farshtey and put into the BIONICLE: Dark Hunters guidebook.


  • BIONICLE: Dark Hunters

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