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Kroloteans are an alien race that features in DC Comics.



Kroloteans were native to the planet Krolotea in Space Sector 2812 who was also known as Gremlims. They developed into an insidious species who were dedicated to the art of conducting genetic experiments on living sentient beings. The entire purpose for this chain of experiments was to artificially evolve living beings in order to turn them into powerful destructive weapons that could be sold to clients. At some unknown point, they arrived on the planet Earth where they called Gremlins for their actions. These unlawful experiments continued into the modern age where they abducted various humans in order to change them into more evolved forms. Among the abductees was Hector Hammond who was transformed into a form with highly advanced psychic abilities. The activities of the Kroloteans would attract the attention of the Green Lantern Corps where Corpsmen Venizz uncovered one of their concentration camps. Venizz managed to liberate the camp where one of the victims was Tagort who had been one of the experiments in genetic engineering. On Earth, the aliens began abducting humans with one such specimen being turned into a Roswell Grey-type creature who was returned to his home. He was accidently killed in a car accident where an investigation drew the attention of Hal Jordan. He in turn went to Belle Reve prison in order to inquire from Hector Hammond about the event since he himself had been transformed by genetic experimentations. Hammond revealed that he knew of the creatures responsible but not their true name and revealed that they were responsible for transforming him into his mentally enhanced form. Furthermore, that they had made further such experiments on him over the years and that the entities responsible had returned to monitor over another experiment.

These aliens also kept track of the movements of William Hand and abducted him whilst he was on an airplane. They were notably allied with Evilstar who referred to them as his "Starlings" and were searching for the Black that was linked to the prophecy of the Blackest Night. The Kroloteans returned Hand to Earth but their experiments led to him gaining the ability to absorb the life energy of other living creatures and this act restored the severed hand he had lost to Hal Jordan when he was the Spectre. At the same time, the aliens were responsible creating a new test subject in the Shark who was genetically engineered from a normal shark and evolved into a humanoid entity that began terrorizing the coast. The actions of the creature attracted the attention of Green Lantern Hal Jordan who struggled against the Shark only for the pair to be abducted by the Kroloteans who intended to further study the pair. Whilst securing the subjects, Jordan was contacted by Hammond who woke the hero up allowing him to break free. He then proceeded to trap the Gremlins within small cages and consulted his Power Ring which informed him that the Kroloteans operated by tampering with a planet's natural resources by accelerating their evolution. Black Hand later arrived in the battle but was defeated by Hal Jordan who handed over the aliens to Venizz and Tagort who intended to bring the creatures to justice for their genetic atrocities. Unknown to anyone, the latest round of Krolotean experimentations on Hector Hammond now allowed him the power of normal speech.

During the Sinestro Corps War, one Krolotean was inducted into the Sinestro Corps though he was later killed by Green Lantern Varix.

Afterwards, the Kroloteans sought to gather the maturing pupae of their weapon development program that formed the god brain who was Hector Hammond. Whilst attempting to capture him from a Supermax prison, he sent out a telepathic cry to Hal Jordan and Superman to save him. The pair were responsible for defeating the Kroloteans and preventing them from absconding with their weapon. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #31)


In appearance, these aliens were humanoid with a small dwarfish bipedal form with long arms and legs. Their heads tended to be bald with no hair and they had long pointed ears. They were a insidious species that had no issue with experimenting on living sentient beings as part of their scientific studies in genetic engineering. Kroloteans had no issue with manipulating the evolutionary development of other species in order to breed highly destructive living weapons which they could sell to their clients.

They were led by a figure known as the Master Engineer and conducted genetic experiments to create biological weapons. Collection packs were dispatched to retrieve these 'pupae' when they were beginning to mature. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #31)

The native language of the species resembled German.


  • Gleen : male member of the Sinestro Corps allocated to Space Sector 312 who was killed in a fight with Varix. (Sinestro Corps Special #1)
  • Master Engineer : (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #31)


  • The Kroloteans were created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver where they first appeared in Green Lantern v4 #4 (October 2004).

In other media

Kroloteans from Young Justice.


  • In Young Justice, the Kroloteans feature as antagonists in the initial part of season 2 where they were described as being a race of thieving scavengers who spoke in their own high pitched language. They were shown to had been attracted to Earth following the Light inspired attack of the Justice League in space. This brought the aliens into an alliance with the Light where they attempted to harness the Metagene in mankind and used infiltrator robots to mask their operatives on the planet. Furthermore, they stole Rannian Zeta Beam technology to transport to the planet. Their activities were unveiled by the Competitor who hired the bounty hunter Lobo to acquire one of their number thus revealing their existence to humanity. Ultimately, the alien bases were destroyed by the Team whereupon the Justice League installed a Zeta shield to stop unauthorized transport to the planet. A pair of Kroloteans were on Rimbor during the trial of the Justice League where they saw humans as being savages for not bribing the judges and also were worried about the Reach's claim to Earth.


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