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Osmund Saddler is a male video game villain that features in Resident Evil.



Osmund Saddler, leader of the Los Illuminados.

Osmund Saddler was the leader of the Los Illuminados cult in Spain, and sought to reshape the world to his vision. Using the Las Plagas parasites, Saddler was able to take over the minds of an entire Spanish village. He also brainwashed Ramon Salazar to do his bidding, getting him to unleash Las Plagas in the first place.

In 2004, Saddler hired mercenary Jack Krauser to kidnap the U.S. President's daughter, Ashley Graham, as part of a plot to inject her with a Plaga egg and send her back to the U.S. under his control, under the guise of holding her for ransom. Once Ashley was under the Plaga's control, she would obey Saddler's commands and secretly infect officials in the U. S. Government with Las Plagas, causing the entire government to unite under Saddler's secret control. However, Ashley's whereabouts were leaked to the U.S. by female spy Ada Wong, and agent Leon S. Kennedy was sent on a rescue mission to find her. During his mission, Leon was injected with the Plaga parasite by Saddler himself while he was unconscious under captivity. This gave Saddler partial control of Leon, in addition to Ashley, as the parasites within their bodies grew. Saddler was also responsible for the death of Luis Sera, one of the researchers hired to study Las Plagas who betrayed Saddler upon learning the true nature of the research.

After Leon rescues Ashley from the clutches of the Los Illuminados for the third time, Saddler shows up to stop him. Ada attempts to aid Leon and open fires on Saddler, but Saddler, seemingly unaffected, completely ignores the bullets and continues to pursue Leon. After Leon and Ashley escape through a door, Ada fires on some explosive barrels to block it, after which Saddler engages Ada in combat. Ada is able to "defeat" Saddler, but upon turning her back to him, he attacks her with his spear-like tentacle and knocks her unconscious. Leon and Ashley manage to find an Anti-Plagas Radiation Device within Saddler's island base and destroy the parasites in their bodies. Immediately afterwards, Saddler confronts Leon for the last time, and upon realizing that Leon had destroyed the parasite in his body, he engages in a fierce battle with Leon, mutating into a hideous giant spider-like creature. On each of his four legs, as well as in his mouth, was a large eye, each of which were apparent vulnerabilities. Leon soon succeeds in killing Saddler, finishing him off with a specialized rocket launcher that Ada throws to him.


Personality and attributes

In keeping with the general medieval theme, Saddler wore a priest-like purple robe and his skin was fairly gray whilst his irises were completely white.

Powers and abilities

Saddler holds a "queen" Plaga parasite, which enables him to exert control over anyone infected by a Plaga, theoretically through sonic signals. Immature Plagas do not have total control over their hosts, though Saddler was still able to prevent an infected Leon from approaching or attacking him. Saddler shows remarkable durability and regenerative ability, able to withstand a hail of automatic weapons fire and later cause the spent bullets to travel through and leave his body, by shooting them though his hand.


  • Osmund Saddler was created by Shinji Mikami as a villain in Resident Evil 4 where he was voiced by actor Michael Gough.


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