Leonard Brinkstone

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Leonard Brinkstone.

Leonard Brinkstone was the very old head of Brinkstone. Close to dying, he financed the Proteus Project headed by Dr. Shelley to try and find a means of cheating death. When communication with the Brinkstone oil rig where the Proteus experiments were conducted ceased suddenly, Brinkstone flew by helicopter with a squad of armed guards to investigate. They encountered a lone DEA agent, Alex, and a woman, Linda, both trespassers. Then Shelley appeared and explained the two were part of a group of drug-smuggling castaways. "Shelley" then transformed into a hideous, mutated beast, and attacked Brinkstone and his guards. Brinkstone had a tentacle forced down his throat. Before he died, he activated a bomb he'd brought with him, which ultimately destroyed the entire rig. Only Alex, Linda and the pilot of Brinkstone's helicopter escaped the explosion.

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