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LexBots are robots that feature in DC Comics.



It's Superman! by Tom DeHaven

LexBots were a household robots that were designed by Lex Luthor where it was intended that the machines be sold on the open market to act as assistants where they would aid in helping out daily chores. However, the robots were quite dangerous and secretly programmed to kill. After being activated, the LexBots went on a rampage where they encountered the newly unveiled superhero known as Superman who struggled against the machines as he was not accustomed to his powers. However, he was quickly able to overcome the robots and end the plans of Lex Luthor.

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events.

During the search for Rose Wilson, Deathstroke got intelligence to believe his daughter was at LexCorp and he attacked the corporate headquarters in Metropolis. Wilson battled his way through security where he fought the latest generation of Lexbots. (Deathstroke v3 #14)

After Lex Luthor was kidnapped by forces from Apokolips, he sent a signal to Superman to meet him but the Man of Steel did not turn up. As a result, pre-programmed instructions were given to LexBots that approached Superman to request his aid. When he refused, the robots were programmed to attack and forcibly take the Kryptonian to Luthor's LexCorp headquarters. (Superman v4 #33)


Older models of LexBots could only sent data where they followed specific instructions and commands with them unable to receive information. (Superman v4 #33)


Alternate Versions

  • In Batman Beyond Unlimited v1 #2 (2012), Lex-Bots appeared in the alternate future of Batman Beyond in the tie-in comics to the animated series. These versions were floating robots with a number being stationed at a secret Cadmus facility located on Dinosaur Island.

In other media


  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold "Battle of the Superheroes!", Lex Luthor was involved in the theft at the Hall of Minerals but was defeated by Superman and Batman where he was sent to prison. However, its later revealed that the real Luthor was hiding in his secret lair and the one captured was actually a perfect robotic LexBot replica designed to impersonate him whilst he used the robots captivity to send Red Kryptonite to Superman.


  • In LEGO Batman 2, LexBots serve as the footsoldiers of Lex Luthor who operate


  • Deathstroke v3:

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